Celebrations of World Tourism Day 2022 with theme- Rethinking Tourism across the Globe

Celebrations of World Tourism Day 2022 with theme- Rethinking Tourism across the Globe

The digitalization and a huge halt on travel trends across the globe has bring people to rethink about the travel industry and give it a new shape unaffected & global. As the World is returning to normalcy, the rapid evolving changes in travel trends can be seen keenfully. With a slogan of revenge tourism and travel optimism, travellers choices has been changed. Now travelling is not seen as just exploring it is a combined form of luxury, happiness, family reunions and other leisure motives. 

World tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27th to promote tourism in various parts of the world. The celebrations are organized by various countries in their cities & states. In 2022, the host country is Indonesia for World Tourism Day occasion. The central theme of WTD 2022 is Rethinking Tourism. The work from home culture and remote workstations has kindled a new idea of workations in peaceful stay homes where people can enjoy the balance of work & life & give their best. 

In India, Hyderabad has celebrated the day with extra zeal on 26th September with a mega event organized at Hitex by Department of Tourism. The event is splashed with array of fun-filled activities as Biryani Fest presented with 75 varieties, street food fest, exhibitions of art & handicrafts and Kid’s arena. The event timing is from 10 am morning till 10 pm in evening. Entry is free at the event. To make the event popular ad energizing, live concerts by famous singers has been organized too. 

Jaipur is celebrating the day with heritage walk of Pink City on 27th September form 6:30 am. 

Be a part of this special day dedicated to tourism and share your travel experiences ton your social wall to make the day special.