15 Mar 2023

Famous Hill Stations in Uttarakhand



Auli is a popular skiing destination & known as the skiing paradise of India, offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and the longest cable car ride in Asia.


Known as Queen of Hills, it offers breathtaking views to visitors and make it special for honeymooners and nature lovers.


Nainital is known for its picturesque lakes, lush forests. Take a boat ride on the emerald green Naini Lake to explore this serene city.


This city is a cultural hub in the lap of Himalayas & known for its rich cultural heritage, temples, and ancient architecture. You can also head out to explore the narrow lanes of the city.


This tranquil and peaceful city is known for its serene environment and adventure sports, Dhanaulti is a hidden gem and a perfect destination for nature walks or a quiet retreat away from the bustling city life.


A popular trekking destination with mesmerizing views of snow-capped peaks. The town is also home to the Tungnath Temple, which is the highest Shiva temple in the world.

Tungnath Temple, Chopta


This offbeat and quaint hill station is tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas, away from the tourist crowds. It is a hidden gem known for its beautiful apple orchards, pine forests, and peaceful environment.


This scenic beauty is located in the laps of the Himalayas and known for its breathtaking views, forests. To learn more about it you can take a walk through the Kumaon regimental Centre Museum.


Paradise for adventure lovers. It is covered with snow capped mountains, glaciers, meadows making it a popular destination for trekking and skiing thus inviting a lot of thrill-seeking travelers hoping to get some adrenaline rush here.


A romantic hill station known for its stunning sunrise and sunset views. It is a perfect destination for a quite retreat with your loved one. You can also enjoy the famous tea at the Anashakti ashram for a serene experience.

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