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Uttarakhand launches Nakshatra Sabha- First Astro Tourism Campaign

Uttarakhand launches Nakshatra Sabha- First Astro Tourism Campaign

Uttarakhand state in India is situated in the majestic Himalayan range and is adorned by snow clad mountains, crystal clear lakes and verdant green valleys. Apart from natural beauty, there is something more in Uttarakhand that can interest astronomy lovers. Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board has come up with India’s first astro tourism campaign, Nakshatra Sabha after partnering with Starscapes, an astro-tourism company. Under this campaign astronomy lovers can get on a heavenly journey to look at the stars and mysteries of the universe while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape of Uttrakhand.

What is Nakshatra Sabha?    

Nakshatra Sabha is a Sanskrit word which literally means “Celestial Assembly”. It is an attempt to bring together space enthusiasts and nature lovers, be it an experienced astronomer who wants to reach out to the vastness to gain more knowledge or a family which wants to experience something unique and out of the ordinary. In India’s first-ever dedicated astro-tourism program, Uttarakhand Tourism is offering a mix of camping, stargazing, talks by expert personalities, workshops on astrophotography and many other contests. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Location and Timing of the Nakshatra Sabha Event

The campaign is going to start from 1st June 2024 and will run until mid 2025 and the Nakshatra Sabha Event is going to be held in various cities across Uttarakhand. So you have a whole year to plan your trip for this exciting and educational astronomical journey.

Duration of first Nakshatra Sabha Event: 3 Days / 2 Night Event at George Everest Peak, Mussoorie

Various other locations across Uttrakhand for the event includes:

  • Uttarkashi
  • Pithoragarh
  • Nainital
  • Chamoli

Apart from the above information, we suggest you to keep looking for the official Uttarakhand Tourism website and some popular social media channels to keep yourself updated with the recent happenings or changes in the locations, timings or events. 

Ticket prices to attend the Nakshatra Sabha

We are going to provide you with the ticket pricing details available on the official website of starscapes. It would be better to cross verify it once from your end.

Package 1 (Event Access - 799 rupees) - Includes entry to all shows, activities and events along with a special activity kit box. Does not include food or transport.

Package 2 (Food Package - 2299 rupees) - Includes all meals on specified dates, entry to all shows, activities and events along with a special activity kit box. Does not include transport.

Package 3 (Premium Packages - 8500 rupees for 2 people) - Includes 1 family (2 people) tent, all meals on specified dates, all activities and a special activity kit box. Includes transport from the base of George Everest Hill to the site.

Key Attractions and Activities of Nakshatra Sabha

There are numerous attractions and activities that going to held in the Nakshatra Sabha campaign which is perfect for all age groups: 

Stargazing Events

There are so many stargazing events going to be held at various viewing areas situated at higher elevations. Professional astronomers will be present to help tourists to identify constellations, planets, and other astronomical objects in the night sky. The stargazing events will be accompanied by storytelling sessions, where you can hear local myths and folklore about the stars. Enjoy best chance of stargazing and camping in Rishikesh,for unlimited adventure.

Telescope Viewing

Tourists will be given the chance to view celestial objects through high-powered telescopes. Seeing the detail of planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, the Moon’s craters, and even galaxies far away, which will be truly a breathtaking experience.

Astro Photography Workshops

For all you photography lovers out there, Nakshatra Sabha will conduct astro photography workshops. You can even learn the methods to click amazing night sky shots including star trails, Milky Way, meteor showers and much more.

Educational Programs

Another important part of this people awareness campaign is educational programs for students and astronomy enthusiasts. Various aspects of astronomy like history of astronomy, why dark skies are important, science behind astronomical phenomena and much more will be taught through these programs.

Night Sky Camps

There will be overnight camps, where people can spend a few hours overnight under the stars. Guided night sky observation, bonfires and stories will make it a complete experience.

Impact on Tourism in Uttarakhand with Nakshatra Sabha Campaigns 
The Nakshatra Sabha campaign is expected to have a significant impact on tourism in Uttarakhand:

Booming Local Economy

More number of tourists will help in boosting the local economy. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators and other service providers will flourish around. The project will provide direct employment to the locals and thus help in enhancing their livelihood.

Sustainable Tourism

Astro tourism promotes sustainable tourism in Uttarakhand as it encourages travelers to learn and adopt ways to protect the natural environment they are visiting. The aspect of minimum light pollution and dark sky preservation is part of sustainable tourism.

Enhancing Uttarakhand's Image

Nakshatra Sabha will enhance the destination image of Uttarakhand as an innovative and distinct travel destination. The state can offer its tourists a blend of natural and astro experiences. Thus, encouraging more and more number of tourists to visit Uttarakhand. You can also explore best places to visit in Uttarakhand with this tour package.



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