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Travel time reduced by removing 10 stops from the Kalka-Shimla toy train route

Travel time reduced by removing 10 stops from the Kalka-Shimla toy train route

The recent update on the Kalka-Shimla toy train is all about making the journey faster and more convenient. They have decided to cut down on the number of stops the train makes. Earlier, there were 18 stops along the way, but now, they have removed 10 stations from the route. These stations include Kanoh, Kathleeghat, Shogi, Taradevi, Kathlighat, Kumarhatti, Sanwara, Koti, Gumman, and Taksal. So, if you are planning to take this historic railway trip, you will get to your destination more quickly without these extra stops slowing you down. It is a move to give passengers a speedier and smoother travel experience on the Kalka-Shimla route.

The Shimla-Kalka toy train now takes 4.51 hours instead of 5.17 hours with the removal of 10 stations on a trial basis. Railway authorities plan to assess the impact before deciding on permanent changes.

The 92 km long Kalka-Shimla journey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, faced damage from heavy rains in July and August, affecting over 300 sites. Following restoration efforts, six toy trains and a Rail Motor Car (RMC) resumed operations in September.

In the updated timetable, the Kalka-Shimla train will now leave Kalka at 3:45 AM, reaching Shimla by 8:55 AM, skipping stops at Kanoh, Kathlighat, Shogi, and Tara Devi. On the return journey, the train from Shimla will depart at 10:55 AM, arriving at Kalka by 4:35 PM, bypassing Kathlighat, Kumarhatti, Sanwara, Koti, Gumman, and Taksal.

According to Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Ambala, Mandeep Singh Bhatia, the timetable has been adjusted to decrease the overall travel time between Kalka and Shimla. The excluded stations from the first train are covered by the second train, improving passenger convenience with a full 7-coach train replacing a single coach Rail Motor Car. This change also provides enough time for track maintenance. The decision to skip certain stops is currently on trial, and feedback and suggestions from passengers are welcome.

The decision to reduce stops on the Kalka-Shimla route was made considering factors like ticket sales, passenger demand, the distance between stops, and the length of the railway track, according to reports. Despite the decrease in stoppages, there are still six services each way between Kalka and Shimla, ensuring continued train availability for passengers.

This government initiative aims to streamline services and provide faster travel between destinations by optimizing the stops along the Kalka-Shimla route.

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