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A Massive Laser Extravaganza Planned to Kick off Ganga Mahotsav in Varanasi

A Massive Laser Extravaganza Planned to Kick off Ganga Mahotsav in Varanasi

The upcoming festivals of Dev Deepawali and Ganga Mahotsav will be celebrated in the city this year on a huge scale. On November 5 and 6, the newly constructed Namo Ghat will host the Ganga Mahotsav programme for the first time. The laser show will take place on the River Ganga at the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Ghat as another highlight of the celebrations in Varanasi.

To arrange the festivities for Dev Deepawali and the Ganga Mahotsav, the Divisional Commissioner, Deepak Agrawal, met with the officials. Additionally, he urged the populace to observe the Dev Deepawali programme and Ganga Mahotsav with the utmost splendour. The commissioner also instructed the tourist department officials to create a thorough schedule by designating who would be responsible for each task of all the sectors.
In Benia Bagh, there will be the Gandhi Shilp Mela, a celebration that is a component of the Ganga Mahotsav. The commissioner gave instructions to the staff to compile a list of the Dev Deepawali festival's volunteer organisations.

It was mandated that all approach roads leading to the Ganga Ghats be finished on schedule by the municipal authority. Additionally, he requested that the municipal organisation make sure that the Ganga Ghats and the surrounding city were kept clean and sanitary throughout the celebrations.

As he gave instructions to the chief medical officer, he stated that in addition to enhancing the medical system during the festivals, suitable ambulance arrangements and health fairs must be held at the main ghats.
Life jackets would be required for guests on the boats operating in the river on the occasion, he added, and boats will not be allowed to carry more passengers than the permissible capacity. He also gave stringent orders for adopting safety measures on the event. He placed a lot of attention on creating a system that would allow boats from other districts to be available.

District magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma gave the additional municipal commissioner instructions to ensure that personnel were deployed at each Ganga Ghat in a manner similar to that observed on Yoga Day. Additionally, he requested the municipal officers to station the cleaning in-charge at each ghat and gave instructions to the staff not to let any dirt on the ghats even after the Dev Deepawali festival.

On the occasion of Dev Deepawali, he placed a special emphasis on boosting the number of ambulances. He sent orders to the police, stating that the city's traffic congestion issue needed to be addressed right away.