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Kerala Malarikkal Village Blossoms with Lilies Creating a Beautiful Sea of Colors

Kerala Malarikkal Village Blossoms with Lilies Creating a Beautiful Sea of Colors

If you love exploring unique places in India, Kerala is a gem you just cannot get enough of. But if you have already been to the popular spots and want something different, here is a little secret for you. 

Malarikkal is a charming village in Kottayam, Kerala. Even though it is not on the usual tourist list, it is a hidden gem. Picture this. 650 acres of paddy fields that turn into a stunning sea of pink and white water lilies and lotus flowers every September and October. It is like a beautiful painting come to life, and Malarikkal is the artist behind it.

While everyone flocks to popular destinations like Kochi, Alleppey, Trivandrum, and Munnar in Kerala, we have a suggestion for the adventurous souls out there. Take a detour off the beaten path and follow the scenic roads of Kottayam that will lead you to the hidden gem of Malarikkal. This place is not your typical tourist spot, but it is a real treat. The flooded fields here transform into a sea of flowers, with lakhs of blooms during peak season, a local fascination for over a decade. Surprisingly, it's been somewhat of a secret, untouched by most tourists. They even host their own Malarikkal Water Lily Fest, adding an extra charm to this offbeat paradise.

You can explore Malarikkal's stunning lily fields on a small boat for just INR 100 per person. Remember, it is private property, so no trespassing. Social media has uncovered this hidden beauty, attracting visitors from all over, and you can even arrange a photoshoot amidst the captivating blooms.

For the best experience, plan your visit to the lily fields during the blooming season, preferably around sunrise. surroundings of Kottayam, and Malarikkal is even more captivating in person than words can convey.

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