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Are you a travel wanderlust and want to share your unique experiences and thoughts with rest of the world? Join us and be a part of emerging travel web platform with your blogs, travel tips or best travel plans. 

Here are some general guidelines for guest post at Indian Holiday Trip:

Write-up Area: Write-up for any blog should be only for Indian destination. It may cover following areas as:
•    Historic places in India
•    New Tourist attractions
•    Adventure spots
•    Hill Stations
•    Wildlife Tours 
•    Offbeat Destinations
•    Budget Travel Destinations
•    Luxury Travel Destinations
•    Rural Travel Destinations

Content quality: The guest post should be well-written, informative, and engaging, and should provide value to the website's readers. The content should be original and not previously published on other websites. In future, it should not get published elsewhere with the similar content. This can lead to Post removal.

Relevancy: The guest post should be relevant to the website's niche and target audience. It should align with the website's topics, themes, and tone.

Content Length: The length of the guest post should be appropriate and should be at least 1200 words. It should not be longer than 2000 words. Plagiarised or AI generated content will be not accepted.

Formatting: The guest post should be formatted properly with headings, subheadings, bullet points, and images (if applicable). It should be easy to read and visually appealing.

Author bio: The guest post should include a brief author bio with relevant links to the author's website or social media profiles.

Attribution: The guest post should give proper credit to any sources used in the content and should not contain any copyrighted material.

Guest post submission: The guest post will be submitted according to the website's guidelines by an admin team which may include formatting, file type, and submission instructions. A Mail must include cover image, related blog images, creative headlines, user-friendly content in word document.

Image: A cover image in size of 1200*675 is must with 2 or 3 related images to the article. Image should not be subject to copyright. All images should be horizontally captured.

Editing Process: Please note that we reserve the right to edit your post for grammar errors, punctuation, spelling, etc. If the edits are substantial, we shall email the revised post for your approval.
We may add reference links for related blogs. Also, we can alter the supporting image if we find them inappropriate. However, we ensure, every alteration or moderation will be done to enhance the quality of your write up.

To submit a guest post as per given criteria only in Travel Niche, contact us at info@indianholidaytrip.com
It can take 1-2 weeks’ time to respond and revert with the next step. Your patience will be highly appreciated. Once your post is approved & posted, our team will notify you through email.