The New Tiger Safari Zone in Karnataka Chamarajanagar is Soon to Open

The New Tiger Safari Zone in Karnataka Chamarajanagar is Soon to Open

The Old Mysore region is buzzing with anticipation as Karnataka unveils plans to transform its tourism landscape. This exciting development promises a boost to the local economy. The highlight of the initiative is the introduction of a captivating tiger safari zone in Chamarajanagar, the region's southernmost district. This ambitious project is poised to draw in not just wildlife lovers but also promises to be a game-changer for the economic prosperity of the area.

The prospect of a novel and thrilling wildlife experience positions Chamarajanagar as a potential hub for tourists seeking adventure and nature's wonders. Taking inspiration from the success stories of well-known reserves like Nagarhole and Bandipur, this initiative aims to replicate their achievements in the Old Mysore region.

According to reports, the upcoming tiger safari is set to cover an extensive 18 kilometres. The safari will kick off from Lokkanahalli in the PG Palya Range, nestled within the Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills) wildlife division. This strategic location promises not only a rich biodiversity experience but also positions the safari as a key player in promoting wildlife conservation and eco-tourism in the region.

The upcoming safari is set to provide an immersive experience as it guides visitors through thick and majestic jungles. Beyond encountering diverse wildlife, explorers will have the chance to marvel at the fascinating remains of Stone Age structures. According to reports, this exciting safari is slated to commence its journeys in the first week of December. Initially, it will operate with a single vehicle during a two-month exploration phase. Santhosh Kumar G, the deputy conservator of the forest for MM Hills Wildlife Division, highlighted the strategic positioning of the route along the elephant corridor. This not only enhances the adventure but also increases the likelihood of thrilling encounters with wild elephants, adding an extra layer of excitement to the safari experience.

On this captivating safari, visitors can look forward to sightings of tigers, spotted and sambar deer, leopards, Indian guar, Indian hare, and a diverse array of bird species. The route not only offers a glimpse into the vibrant wildlife but also houses significant Stone Age structures, such as burial grounds and an anti-poaching camp, adding a historical and conservation dimension to the expedition. It's a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in both natural beauty and cultural heritage.

This initiative is set to play a crucial role in shaping the Kollegal tourist circuit, offering a seamless exploration experience in a single day. The safari point's strategic location near popular attractions like the Dhondenling Tibetan camp, Bharachukki Falls, and Gundal Dam enhances its appeal. Local tourism stakeholders are optimistic about the positive changes this new safari could bring, foreseeing a surge in tourist activities in and around Kollegal. The initiative holds the potential to elevate the region as a comprehensive and vibrant tourist destination.

The Chamarajanagar tiger safari, with its diverse wildlife, historical remnants, and proximity to popular attractions, emerges as a valuable addition to the region's tourism landscape. It promises a unique allure, appealing to both wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs, contributing to the area's growing tourism appeal.

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