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A new airport will open in Ayodhya along with a grand Ram temple in January 2024.

A new airport will open in Ayodhya along with a grand Ram temple in January 2024.

Authorities have announced that the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Airport in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, will kick off its commercial flight services at the same time as the eagerly awaited unveiling of the impressive Ram Temple in January 2024. The dedication ceremony for the Ram Temple is tentatively scheduled for January 22 of the coming year. This convergence is a significant and symbolic event for the area, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern progress with deep-rooted cultural values. It's expected to draw in visitors and devotees from various regions, underlining the balance between tradition and development in Ayodhya.

An official points up the urgency to complete both the airport and the Ram temple in a timely manner. According to officials from the Airports Authority of India (AAI), the plan involves a two-phase approach. The initial phase is focused on enabling commercial flight services from Ayodhya Airport by extending the runway to a length of 2245 meters. Additionally, advanced navigation systems like the Doppler Very High-Frequency Omni Range (DVOR) and a homing gate system will be installed. The subsequent phase aims to prepare Ayodhya for international commercial flight operations. This strategic development will not only improve local connectivity but also position Ayodhya as a hub for both domestic and international travel.

The Ayodhya Airport is integrating Glide Path (GP) technology to ensure precise vertical guidance for aircraft during their final approaches. This technology, along with an instrument landing system, underscores the airport's commitment to safety and accuracy, especially during challenging conditions like low visibility due to darkness or fog. Once phase one is completed, the Ayodhya Airport will be well-equipped to handle domestic flights effectively, solidifying its role as a crucial gateway to this revered holy city. Travelers can expect enhanced safety measures and improved accessibility, fostering smoother air travel experiences to and from Ayodhya.

The upcoming Ayodhya Airport is currently in the construction phase, and its Terminal-1 is designed to mirror the grandeur of the Ram temple, featuring glass-reinforced concrete slabs. A dedicated team is carefully placing these lightweight yet intricately carved stone slabs, giving the airport the appearance of a true gateway to the Ayodhya Ram temple. Inside, the airport's interior design aims to encapsulate various aspects of Lord Ram's life, offering visitors a deeply spiritual experience. Additionally, solar panels near the parking area will enhance the airport's energy efficiency and allow ample natural light through the glass panels, fostering a serene and eco-friendly ambience. This integration of spirituality and sustainability showcases a thoughtful approach to crafting a unique and harmonious space for travellers and pilgrims alike.

As the Ayodhya Airport nears completion alongside the construction of the Ram temple, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is in the process of granting the necessary licenses for commercial operations. Airlines are actively working on the essential infrastructure to ensure smooth passenger and flight operations at the airport. The future Ayodhya Airport is expected to have connections to major cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, enhancing accessibility and connectivity for travellers to and from Ayodhya. This development marks a significant advancement in air travel accessibility for the holy city and its visitors.

This massive undertaking, estimated at a cost of Rs 323 crore, reflects Ayodhya's dedication to progress and spiritual growth. The airport's four-lane entry and exit directly linked to Sultanpur Road will ensure convenient access for travellers. As the airport becomes a remarkable blend of architectural marvel and faith, it epitomizes Ayodhya's path towards a prosperous and well-connected future. Ayodhya Airport stands as an inviting entry point for all visitors, embodying the harmonious fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary advancements, welcoming everyone to experience the beauty of the city.

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