Scenic Cruise Rides started on the Saryu River at Ayodhya, the Newest Tourist Attraction

Scenic Cruise Rides started on the Saryu River at Ayodhya, the Newest Tourist Attraction

Ayodhya is set to unveil a captivating new experience for tourists as it introduces scenic cruise rides along the pictures Saryu River. According to the Reports It started on Friday, 8 September. This Voyage will take passengers on a journey between Naya Ghat to Guptar Ghat, offering some remarkable opportunities to explore Ayodhya’s rich historical heritage and its stunning natural beauty. Beyond boosting tourism, its initiative aims to provide both residents and visitors with an exceptional way to discover the city's captivating charms.

The first-ever cruise ship named 'Jatayu' in Ayodhya will take travellers on an exciting 18-kilometre journey from Naya Ghat to Guptar Ghat, before returning to Naya Ghat. This cruise ship is designed to accommodate around 70 to 100 passengers at a time, and the whole trip will take approximately two and a half hours to complete. There are four trips available each day, with the first one starting at 4:30 a.m. and ending at 6:30 a.m. The second trip runs from 11 am to 1 pm, the third one from 4 pm to 6 pm, and the final round starts at 6 pm and concludes at 8 pm. It is a good initiative to explore Ayodhya and enjoy the scenic Saryu River.

The 'Jatayu' cruise service in Ayodhya is run by a private company headed by Rahul Sharma. It will be charged INR 300 for a round trip between the two ghats. This cruise ship is all set with air conditioning and can carry up to 100 people. During the journey, passengers will get to watch a short movie about Lord Ram and Ayodhya's history. It will also take you to the city's famous ghats and temples along the Saryu River.
During this cruising experience, tourists will also get to aarti of the Saryu River during the ride, and can even choose to have meals and snacks on this guided trip.

While 'Jatayu' is the first cruise service in Ayodhya, there is another one called 'Pushpak' coming later this year, and it's even bigger, with the capacity to carry around 150 passengers.

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