Explore Kerala's Precious Gem with Most Exciting Adventure Activities in Kochi

Explore Kerala's Precious Gem with Most Exciting Adventure Activities in Kochi

There are so many striking sceneries and heart melting views in this vast country that we sometimes forget how much these breath-taking sights can help us relax and take a break from our ever happening lives. Even though mountains are the escape for most people any day of the week, the Southern part of our country is undoubtedly spectacular. 

Southern states are full of lush greens, waters like a reflective mirror and people who have a love for food and respect for their natural surroundings. One of the most prominent and popular such state is Kerala. The backwaters, the hills and the beautiful beaches is the very reason why it’s known as the “God’s Own Country”. 

The Hidden Gem of Kerala

While you would find so many places to explore and be convinced to take a trip in, a city known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea” is often slept at. The city famous for its financial valor is also home to a vast population of fishermen. Proud port of Kerala, it’s the city of Kochi. 
Kochi, formerly known as Cochin is unique as the state it resides in is. Naturally carved out harbor by a flood, Kochi is magnificent in every way possible. Kochi is quite famous for being the centre of spice trade for centuries as Southern India is the hub for spices.

Quality of the Place in Plain Sight 

Something people or the general crowd doesn’t realize is the adventure opportunities this city provides. You can pretty much plan the perfect trip while seeking adventure, alluring sights and some of the world’s best spices. You can’t go wrong with a trip here and we will tell you why.

Kochi’s Multiple Facets

While from the outside you might see Kochi as a port with nothing but a serious economical place, the decisive Kochi has water sports, sanctuaries, backwaters and much more to offer. Let’s take a peak at 5 adventure activities which can soothe your inner explorer and adventurer.

Water Sports
Various water sports are present in Kochi and can be explored in time but keeping cost in mind.

  • Scuba Diving

The sport is simple, diving beneath the ocean to explore the sea-bed and its beauty. It does not require you to be a professional swimmer and a coach teaches the basics before you jump in by yourself. The cost is approximately around ?6ooo which is a good price for a 45 minute session.

Scuba Diving Adventure

  • Water Skiing

Skiing in the snow is so common, but the water? While a handle is strapped behind a high speed boat, skis are worn by the person who wants to go for the time of their lives. After the boat picks up speed it is truly like surfing but without you doing anything. 

Water Skiing

  • Kayaking 

A sport which is most famous at mountains but here it serves a different purpose. The kayaking is done slow and the places which are taken in the tour are quite splendid as well. Mostly the Fort Kochi is seen but the backwaters provide a different kayaking experience altogether. The cost of this activity is ?1000 approx.

Kayaking in Kochi

  • Go-Karting

Might sound absolutely absurd, but a go-karting experience is offered at Kochi. Nowadays a lot of centers have opened up to offer go-karting and paint-ball fights as well. Mostly the activity can cost you anywhere from ?300 up to ?1000, it all depends on the place you choose to visit. Laps are available and it lasts for roughly 20 minutes. But the activity is worth a try for race fans or people who dream of driving a formula racecar.

  • Boating on Backwaters

Maybe not that exciting of an activity, but bring the houseboat in the picture and you have the most memorable activity. Backwaters are already quite alluring as stagnant or still water is fascinating in it of itself. On top of that boating in those very waters is surreal while taking in mind-soothing scenes like it’s a perfect movie. It starts at ?7500 and can go up to ?20000 for a single night! It is an investment so take full advantage of the time and experience.

  • Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Maybe not your idea of adventure but we have to include everybody. A place where bird watchers and photographers will find solace, this sanctuary has different migratory and other local species going about. A small place compared to what the city has to offer at whole, but it’s free. A registration with your name and your accomplices’ will do.

Some More Spots to Look Out For

There are a lot of locations around Kochi as well as in Kochi. The Fort Kochi, Lulu Mall, Cherai Beach, Marine Drive, Santa Cruz Basilica, Wellingdon Island, Athirapally Falls, Vypeen Island, Pallipuram Fort and  Malayattoor. All these places are not only special but searching about them will make you want to visit as soon as possible. 
Might not seem like it but a lot of churches and temples are also built around this surprising place. It seems to be bringing more and more to the picture as you delve deeper into Kochi’s history and geography.

To Close In

Kochi is all about entertaining people with history, ancient structures, aromas of spices and charming locations. Kochi has proven itself by being the tourist spot in Kerala by inviting people to a one-stop place of adventure and much more. 

Rather than doubting the place you should try and explore it as much as you can as secrets can only be uncovered by the silly wanderer. A liberty every person should take is to follow rules around religious pilgrimages and enjoy the architecture. Kochi will be a frequent destination for the avid travel person in the future as it is booming with more and more to do! 

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