G20 Park Delhi: Know about how to reach, timings and entry fees

G20 Park Delhi: Know about how to reach, timings and entry fees

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has recently (4 September 2023) opened a waste-to-art park on Kautilya Marg in Chanakyapuri. This unique park is themed around the G20 summit and features sculptures representing birds and animals from G20 member countries. What's unique about these sculptures is that they have been crafted using scrap metal collected from construction sites and discarded automobile parts. The inspiration for this waste-to-art park was based upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative, LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment). This park is focused on enhancing living standards, promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, ensuring cleanliness, and encouraging citizen participation in environmental conservation.

The concept for this park was conceived in December 2022, and the NDMC collaborated with the Lalit Kala Academy to bring it to life. In April of the same year, twenty-five renowned artists from various parts of the country commenced crafting these sculptures at an artist camp hosted by the Lalit Kala Academy in Garhi Village, Delhi. After completing the installation of the sculptures, the park's landscaping work began in July.
If you are planning to visit this park, you should be aware of all the essential details which you will know in this article. 


Well, one does not have to be bothered about the timings because G20 Park will remain open for 24 hours for the public. That means people who want to witness the morning sunshine walking through the greenery people who want to sunbathe in winter during the afternoon or people who want to join their partners in late-night walks, all are welcome here.


The public can visit this park at this address - Bardoloi Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

How to Reach?

  • By Metro

Chanakyapuri has two nearby metro stations – Jor Bagh metro Station and Lok Kalyan Marg metro station, both of which are on the Yellow Line, connecting Gurgaon and Rohini. If you are travelling on other lines of the Metro, you will need to switch to the Yellow line at interchanging stations like Rajiv Chowk metro station and Kashmiri Gate metro station.

Jor Bagh metro station is situated 6 km away from Chanakyapuri, while Lok Kalyan Marg metro station is approximately 5 km away. To reach G20 Park, Bardoloi Marg, and Chanakyapuri from these metro stations, you can take an auto-rickshaw or a shared e-rickshaw. Cabs are also easily available in this area for your convenience.

  •   By Bus

Buses with no. 507, 543A, 588, 729, DW-2, OMS (+), RL-77A, passes by Chankyapuri. From there, you can take an auto-rickshaw or taxi to reach G20 Park situated near Bardoloi Marg.

  •   By Auto Rickshaw/Cab

In case you are unable to use metro services, take a bus, or live near G20 Park, you can opt for an auto-rickshaw or cab. The journey may take a long or short time depending on your initial distance from the park.

Inside of G-20 Park

G20 Park is decorated with a variety of sculptures made from scrap metal. This Park features India's national bird, the Peacock, as well as the American Bison, the Brazilian Jaguar, the Saudi Arabian Camel, the Korean Magpie, the Australian Kangaroo, the Russian Brown Bear, and the Indonesian Komodo Dragon, among others.

These sculptures are all carefully handcrafted and serve as a testament to the idea that waste can be aesthetically transformed into artistic objects. Officials have mentioned that these sculptures, representing animals and birds from G20 member countries, were installed as a symbol of recognition for their participation in the G20 summit held in Delhi on September 9-10.

This park has many selfie points to enhance visitors' experiences. A plaque is added to each sculpture that informs about the specific bird or animal, its country of origin, the artist responsible for crafting it, and other basic details. Moreover, the artists used materials sourced from NDMC warehouses, including iron bars, automobile parts, metal plates, wire mesh, rims, chains, bearing balls, and various other scrap materials.


This park represents the unity of 20 nations with India. Now, this park is available for the public to visit. Visit this place anytime using the mode of travel that you prefer and click selfies to make your first-time experience in G20 Park memorable.

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