Central Vista Avenue- New Attraction in Delhi to Hang Out

Central Vista Avenue- New Attraction in Delhi to Hang Out

Delhi is one of the most highlighted places of attraction among visitors in India and domestic tourists for its diverse attractions and limelight. The recent developments to attract tourists and give new experiences is always in development. In context of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the long-awaited Central Vista Avenue on September 8, 2022. People are now browsing for Central Vista hours and ticket rates. Central Vista is one of India's most prominent landmarks, and it has been entirely transformed after its refurbishment. Central Vista is a 3.2-kilometre route between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. According to reports, the development cost occurred 608 crores. Rajpath has renamed as Kartavya Path to show the dedicated work of workers and contributors. 

Kartavya Path

Kartavya Path is a much-valued public space and important venue for national events. After new developments, it is now equipped with necessary technology and better facilities to accommodate public. Kartavya route is available to the general public from September 9, 2022, following the opening of Central Vista Avenue. Non-slippery Granite have been used for pedestrian sidewalks and well connected with integrated underground canal to India Gate. While there are new light poles, chain links have been still used to keep the originality again with required replacements of concrete bollards with sandstone bollards. 

Underpass at Central Vista Avenue

Central Vista is widely regarded as the prime minister's vision project. The building of this project is well underway, and the government is closely monitoring its progress. This project includes the construction of a new parliament building as well as the development of surrounding neighbourhoods. 


Central Vista Avenue is a significant thoroughfare in the Indian capital of Delhi. It is a ceremonial avenue that stretches from the President's House in the north to Vijay Chowk in the south, and then to India Gate. The avenue is flanked by key government structures such as the Parliament of India, the Cabinet Secretariat, and the National Museum.

The avenue is also a famous tourists attraction in Delhi since it provides insight into India's rich cultural and political heritage. It is also utilised for ceremonial parades and festivals, such as the Republic Day procession on January 26th, which commemorates the adoption of India's Constitution.

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The Rashtrapati Bhawan (President House), Parliament House, North and South Blocks, India Gate, and other administrative cabinet buildings are all located in New Delhi's Central Vista region. These notable structures were built during the British era before the establishment of the new capital in 1931.


When the British Raj transferred its capital from Calcutta to Delhi in 1931, architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker designed Central Vista. From the laying of the foundation stone on 12 February 1921 to the inauguration by then Viceroy Lord Irwin on 18 January 1927, the Parliament building alone took six years to build. Following India's independence in 1947, it became the headquarters of the new Republic of India's government. In 1962, the Parliament Arena was designated as a historic boundary.

Central Vista Avenue Timings

From September 9, 2022, the complete length of the Kartavya trail has been opened for people. Visitors to Central Vista Avenue should catch the Delhi Metro bus from Bhairon Road. DMRC Electric buses operate on this route from 5 PM to 9 PM. Visitors can board these buses at the Bhairon road stop. The shuttle will drop you off at Gate 1 of the National Stadium. After getting off the bus, you may walk to India Gate and Kartavya Path. Tourists seeking for Delhi Sightseeing tour can book Delhi Tour Packages and explore vivid attractions.

Central Vista Avenue Entry Fee and Parking Charges

There is no entry fee to explore Central Vista and Indian Gate. You can also visit National War Memorial. Parking development is close to the core Vista project and can accommodate around 1100 automobiles and 35 buses. Parking is now fully free, however, the NDMC may impose parking fees in the future.

Central Vista Avenue Facilities & Attractions

The entire neighbourhood has been completely renovated, including several facilities. This area has 987 full pillars, 900+ LED bulbs, 415 seats, and 114 sign boards. The water canal covers an area of 19 acres. The water canal has 16 fixed bridges. The walkway's overall length is approximately 15.5 kilometres. The green cover on Central Vista Avenue covers 3.90 lakh square metres. Toilets and clean drinking water are accessible at several locations. Central Vista Avenue also has 7 wending plazas that serve food and refreshments to guests.

•    Canals- Canals being integral part of Kartavya Path had benn added with sixteen bridges to built space across them and make it accessible.    

Canals at Central Vista

•    Walkaway Along Canals- It is the key attraction point of this place with canals giving a cold splash of air while passing through. A photogenic view equipped with public amenities as sandstone benches, signages and well-designed dustbins. A cool walk across tress and canals can make your evening stroll amazing.

Walkaways along Canals

•    Pedestrian Underpass at C-Hexagon- This underpass has removed difficulties of India Gate Visitors to cross the intersection and reach India gate due to the high volume of fast moving vehicles in the area. Two underpasses, one on the either side of Kartavya Path has been provided at the C-Hexagon intersection which exit at newly developed public gardens at the India Gate Precinct without cutting trees. Ramps with railings have been built to provide a safe and comfortable experience for visitors especially children and the especially abled.

•    India Gate- Must Visit place is India Gate which is at Eastern end of the Kartavya Path which is one of the most visited monuments in India with new attraction of Subash Chandra Bose Statue and National War Memorial. Explore the new dimensions refurbished with robust paving, landscape mounds and amenity blocks. Sliding Gates have been replaced instead of security barricades. 

View of India Gate from Kartavya Path

•    Stepped Plaza at India Gate- The lawns around India Gate is occupied with people love to sit and relax. The new stepped plazas at India Gate is best for people want to showcase their art and performance. It can be used as multi-purpose landscape.
Why is there a need to revamp Central Vista?

  • Inadequate infrastructure: According to the government, the ageing Parliament buildings have insufficient infrastructure to satisfy the demands of the situation.
  • Structural lifetimes: The majority of Central Vista's historic structures have outlived their structural lives.
  • Inter-departmental coordination: At the moment, the Central Government offices are dispersed throughout several places, influencing inter-departmental coordination, needless travel that causes congestion and pollution, and excessively long work delays.
  • In 2019, the Central Vista Redevelopment Project was initiated. Because of the bad state of the administrative region, the government of India now spends 1000-2000 crores in rent every year. Safety requirements are not being satisfied.
  • The essential space and facilities are severely lacking at Parliament House. A big number of visitors come to Central Vista from India and outside, and there is a need to increase the attractions of Central Vista in order to make it a world-class tourist destination.

Concluding Thoughts

Delhi is visited by millions of People from differnt countries and cities in India itself. It has a special place in everyone's heart. New attractions or places are always welcomed to explore with increased facilities and maintenance.

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