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Discover The Magic Of Gandhisagar Floating Festival Till 5th Feb In MP

Discover The Magic Of Gandhisagar Floating Festival Till 5th Feb In MP

The rhythm of the waves, the music in the air, and the joy on people's faces – that's what you'll find at the Gandhisagar floating festival. This festival brings together people from all walks of life to experience a unique blend of culture, entertainment, and revelry. 

The current Gandhisagar Floating Festival (February 1–5) in the Mandsaur region of Madhya Pradesh is an event you do not want to miss. Being the first floating festival in Asia, this festival is unique. Talk about standing out!

The event is being organised to provide visitors to Mandsaur in MP with a distinctive glamping and adventure activity experience. The first-ever floating festival will have activities on land, in the air, and the water.

The floating festival will end on February 4, but the tourist tent city will remain open for another three months, and the adventurous activities will continue for another six. A floating stage, floating market, boat spa, boat safari, live music, and other attractions will all be part of the floating festival. A variety of adventurous activities are scheduled close to the Gandhisagar reservoir.

Additionally, visitors will have the ability to take in live performances of music and other forms of entertainment on a floating stage. Trekking through the woods and silent woodland trips provide unique thrills for adventure seekers. Also, the culinary festival's selection of real regional cuisines will thrill foodies.

For more information about the floating festival, you can go check out their website.
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Nature lovers too will have plenty to see and do out here. Starting from exploring the legendary Chambal River. Gandhisagar Dam is on this river. Birdwatchers have a lot to be excited about because Chambal River also hosts several residents as well as migratory birds.

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