Exciting Cheetah Safari To Start Soon In Kuno National Park

Exciting Cheetah Safari To Start Soon In Kuno National Park

Exciting Cheetah safari to start soon in Kuno National Park

The Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India is a wildlife sanctuary known for its large number of Asiatic lions. The CM of Madhya Pradesh recently said in an event that they are adding eight  more cheetahs to the already existing twelve cheetahs both male and female, in the Kuno National Park. The step has been taken under “Project Cheetah” where India has an aim to achieve 100 cheetahs in 10 years . Under the project every year 12 big cats will be transported from South Africa to India and will be distributed in different national parks of the country. 

This was the second slot of the cats that arrived in February , the first slot of African Cheetahs  was in September of the year 2022 and was released by our Prime Minister . Import of cheetahs will undoubtedly increase tourism and will also help the local tribal community. The big cats have been extinct from our land since the 1950s due to excessive poaching. Steps have been taken to restore the cheetah population. The dates for the safari have not yet been declared but it was announced by the CM of Madhya Pradesh that from the month of february the cheetah safari would be allowed. It is a major step in boosting the economy through tourist attractions. 

Tourists and wildlife lovers are excited to once again see the cheetahs back on the grassland. 
India's last three cheetahs were hunted by Maharaja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo, King of Koriya (Chhattisgarh) in 1947. Through this project once again the spotted cats will help to conserve biodiversity and enhance the ecosystem services .

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