The Ultimate Monsoon Travel Guide to Udaipur

The Ultimate Monsoon Travel Guide to Udaipur

The tipper-tapper of the rain makes us remember our special moments the season of monsoon brings with it. It can be the chilly winds or the sounds of wet splashes all around that we get excited to welcome the season with open arms after a scorching hot summer. But have you ever thought about how different places look, feel and celebrate monsoon?

Maybe not your city does much other than warn you about this dread weather which some feel but people do enjoy some rain when it comes to transforming and enhancing the vista, sense and overall vibe of a place. But there is one city where monsoon just hits different in every way you can imagine.

The City of Lakes

The title must have given it away. Not only is it decorated with lakes all around, its history, architecture and hills bring back crowd for more and more than they can ask for. Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan having the highest tourist compared to any other city of Rajasthan. 
The city promotes and sees itself as a good tourist destination and well, it is. The hospitality, the beautiful stays as well as the scenic blast this city offers is incomparable to well-known hill stations sometimes.

The Climate Turnovers

The weather of Udaipur is mostly focused on pleasant and chilly winds. It receives a low-rainfall compared to other places and hence, has a more pleasing weather with a lot of potential for travelling, shopping and creating memories.

Places to Visit & Traverse

There are some places which get rejuvenated, while others just thrive in the season of monsoon. Here are some of our choices of places to explore in Udaipur with joy.

A.    The Monsoon Palace

Also known as the Sajjangarh Palace it is a place which was built to keep a check on monsoon clouds and predict rain. Overlooking some of the best places like Lake Pichola & the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary it bears witness to some of the most beautiful and stunning sights from the top of this palace. In monsoon, the palace gives off an even better experience with the scenic complexity of the places around with glistening and shining aura.

Sunset place

B.    Lake Pichola

Certainly is one of the most famous lakes in Udaipur. The man-made lake holds the popular title because of what encapsulates this lake with mesmerizing sunsets. Known for being surrounded by City Palace, Jag Mandir, Taj Hotel and the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, you can never go wrong when you visit this lake. Boat rides are offered by the people and everybody will recommend you to take one. As you tour through the waters of Pichola you observe the architecture, the gallant structures and the overwhelmingly gorgeous views. A boat ride during the evening or sunset time is the out-of-this-world perfect experience for any person visiting this place.

City Palace

C.    City Palace

Located at the heart of Lake Pichola, this architecture marvel is none other than outstanding. It boasts of architecture designs which are fusions of Rajasthani and Mughal, the looks of which is the most unique thing you will ever see if you are an architecture admiring kin. Consisting of a courtyard and a garden, the grandeur of this place is taken to new levels during the rains. The terrace gives an overview of the Lake Pichola and the whole city of Udaipur inculcating a feeling you feel only once, greatness and beauty. The city is even prettier in the evening and livelier too.

D.    Fateh Sagar Lake & Nehru Garden

A man-made lake with a garden in the middle, it is quite one-of-a-kind. It is not every day you see or experience that. The lake is encircled by hills and holds an oval shaped garden, Nehru Garden and a solar observatory. The garden is quite famous for its pyramid style fountains and pretty foliage. Flowers of beautiful colors and a garden on waters, it is a must visit for anyone who wants to experience a one in a lifetime place. A boat ride helps to reach the place with ease.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Essentials to Carry While Visiting the City

•    Umbrellas and raincoats.
•    Medicines and other toiletries.
•    Comfortable and sturdy shoes.
•    Light and comfortable clothes, if you feel a bit chilly carry sweatshirts and long sleeves.
•    Waterproof carry bag.
•    Identification cards, credit/debit cards and cash.
•    A quality camera of any choice.

Tips to Follow While on a Trip Around
•    Checking the forecast is a smart idea while you are planning on visiting the city during monsoon.
•    Planning an itinerary is a must keeping in mind the weather and other factors.
•    A monsoon visit demands for you to book a hotel with good scenic views to help you enjoy good landscapes even if you can’t traverse out for the day.
•    Scout for good restaurants for trying local and fusion delicacies which must be offered by good places serving nice and delectable cuisines and dishes. Some famous Rajasthani foods are Dal-Baati-Choorma and Laal Maas.
•    If you are planning on shopping through the city, the best is the option to go for dupattas and saris specializing in bandhani work core to Rajasthan’s culture and specialty.
•    Prefer travelling by a train rather than a bus as the level of comfort and the convenience will win you over in this particular section.
•    If you are travelling by a private car, take in mind the route and carry a map. But you can also stop at pit stops and enjoy more beautiful scenes and sights.
•    Carry as much cash as possible and look over your valuables and things while sightseeing at different places.

What’s Next?

Pack your bags, head for the City of Lakes. Bring back precious memories with you so you can share them over a cup of coffee with your friends and family or just take them with you to create even more memories! Even you are planning for a longer vacation in Udaipur, can consider some amazing places to must explore near Udaipur. Eklingji temple, Nathdwara, Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Chittorgarh are some of them which will definitely make your holidays superb & fantastic. 

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