8 Best Instagrammable Places in Rajasthan for Pre-Wedding Shoots

8 Best Instagrammable Places in Rajasthan for Pre-Wedding Shoots

In a land dedicated to history, culture and colors, you have to emulate your thoughts of not visiting the place. We always gather reasons to convince ourselves for a trip but some people have other plans. Winter is upon us and the wedding season will be in full bloom. Although it is always about the grandiose venue and the extravagant dresses, the buildup is equally important for a couple to bring flair and suspense into their wedding traditions. 

In the Millennium Age, couples have fallen for the custom of a pre-wedding shoot. It is a rising trend among young couples before they finalize the big event. A pre-wedding shoot is all about capturing the natural emotions and movements of a couple who are about to start a new life together. The pictures are set at unique and vibrant locations to bring pizzazz in a wedding album. 

While there are countless destinations to book your shoot in, there is no place like Rajasthan which can do the best for you. From resplendent lakes to flamboyant forts and palaces, it has several textures for any kind of theme you have thought of. Here are our top 8 instagrammable locations in Rajasthan for the perfect pre-wedding shoot.

The Places of Interest

I.    Amer Fort

Grandiosity can’t even begin to describe this perfect fort. Recognized for its expansive courtyards, luxury, and the Sheesh-Mahal (mirror palace). In the monsoon, the entire area is filled with lush and green plantations. Additionally, at night, the entire fort is illuminated with golden-yellow lights, providing a picturesque setting for celestial photographs. With a touch of artistic style elements, the palace overlooks Maota Lake, the primary water supply for the Amer Palace, and has broad ramparts, a number of gates, and paved roads. Your shoots will come to life at this location.

Amer Fort

II.    Jal Mahal

A place of awe-worthy experience, the Jal Mahal is unique in every way. This stunning palace is situated in the Man Sagar Lake. On the banks of this historic property, many couples take enticing dawn photos. You may also take wonderful black silhouette photos that seem stunning and enigmatic. The entry inside the place itself is prohibited due to it being a protected site, but pathways around the Mahal will help you capture the ethos of the place anyways.

III.    Sambhar Salt Lake

Pre-wedding photography will be exceptional thanks to the mix of white ground, sunrays, and vibrant clothing. This enchanted white desert is well-known for its extraordinary views. With the use of props, daytime shooting is excellent at a location like this. The lake is surrounded by Aravali Hills and serves as a never ending backdrop for your shoots. Be wary of weather and take precautions as you head to the lake of endless salt.

Sambhar lake

IV.    Patrika Gate

The walled city of Jaipur provides the best sites in terms of its gates which the city flaunts throughout. This magnificent and lavish row of gates at the entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden is a photographer's dream. The entire gateway's elaborate and vibrant Rajasthani artwork makes for stunning photos. Shoot throughout the day using the nearby gardens as a possible backup site. The vibrant colors are truly the stunning part of this structure and serves as the most one-of-a-kind background for your perfect pictures.

V.    Sam Sand Dunes

You cannot beat the sands of the desert in exuding beauty unparalleled compared to any vista. This place is no exception with some of the highest sand dunes in Rajasthan it serves for the most unique and rustic shoots which are alluring and impeccable. Stays in a camp, and other amenities provide more credibility to this desert of desolate beauty. Shoot in around the time of sunset, some hours before to have a relatively comfortable shoot at the site. 

Sam Sand Dunes for photoshoot

VI.    Albert Hall

This majestic Indo-Saracenic building, which is located in Jaipur, is an obvious option for a shot. With a mix of Islamic and Neo-Gothic styles, the hall has a larger than life entrance.  Due to the abundance of bird feeding locations outside the hall, you may even add some drama by including flying birds in the image. Horse carriages are readily accessible for you both to sit on, relax, and have some amazing photos taken. The place is exceptional during night as well, hence, you can consider for silhouette photographs as well.

VII.    Panna Meena Ka Kund

The scaled-down counterpart of Chand Baori (in Abhaneri) is the stepwell Panna Meena Ka Kund. Such historic buildings are perfect for beautiful wedding picture shots. The stepwell makes for a charming, antiquated, and historically significant backdrop for your ideal photos.

Panna Meena Ka Kund

The stepwell consists of numerous stairs leading down, which are also the spots for capturing your near perfect shots. Its symmetrical approach is very soothing for distinctive kind of photography. You may even film a pre-wedding movie fully in this picturesque spot, which is located just one kilometer from the famous Amer Fort.

VIII.    Lohagarh Fort Resort

Due to its beautiful green, well-maintained surrounds, and unusual swimming pool, this 4-star hotel is adored by everybody. Due to the jungle-like setting, pre-wedding picture sessions at such places appear positively spectacular at night when artificial lighting is added. Historically of significance as well, the fort now has millennium interiors and the best vistas for photography. Since it is a privately run resort, we advise phoning to find out the cost of doing your pre-wedding shoot in order to prevent issues and inconvenience for you.

Wrap It Up

There are more places to explore for a pre-wedding shoot in Rajasthan like some hotels, but keep in mind the price which can go up as fancy of a hotel you consider for your shoot. Hence, places which are generally available to the public are not only cost-effective but are locations which people actually choose over paid options sometimes.

In the end, a couple themselves has to feel the soul and energy of the location to be satisfied enough to go for it. Take your pick or choose all of them when it comes to your dreamy shoot with your significant other to reminisce about these moments in your new life with them.

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