One Day Trip to Rajgir – Most Famous Tourist Attraction of Bihar

One Day Trip to Rajgir – Most Famous Tourist Attraction of Bihar 

Rajgir- Where history and serenity Unite.

You must have heard this name many times as a famous place for Buddhist spots. Being a native of Bihar, I have had this chance to visit Rajgir this year with my family. On the occasion of Chath, we are in Bihar for 10 days and have a single day after Bhaidooj to go to Rajgir. So, let’s dive into the wonderful tale of

Rajgir one day trip from Patna

We began from Patna in the early morning by 7 am and reached Rajgir in 3 hour’s drive. As we had less time just 8 hours, we skipped Nalanda and explored the beautiful tourist places of Bihar- Rajgir. The route was not through Patna. Rajgir was one of the most awaited destinations from childhood, that I achieved today with my kids and family. We were very excited to take a walk on Glass Bridge, but unluckily we missed the ticket booking. Here is a tip: You must book glass bridge tickets online 3 days prior. There is a limit of 1000 persons per day to walk on the bridge to comply with safety. 

1 Day Rajgir Travel Itinerary

With only 1 day to squeeze for the Rajgir trip, we have planned our trip with must-visit attractions to explore in Rajgir as Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Bimbisar Jail, Hot Springs, Rajgir Zoo Safari, Rajgir Ropeway, Son Bhandar. 

Rajgir Wildlife Safari

So, coming back to the trip, after arrival in Rajgir, at first, we parked our car in Rajgir Wildlife Zoo parking. Rajgir Zoo Safari is a high-level national park situated between two mountains Ratnagiri and Swarnagiri hills. We took tickets for the zoo safari which was 250 per head which includes a bus ride across the boundaries of that arena. After booking, you must wait at a waiting area to catch a bus for a tour of the zoo as per the given token number.

Bus Safari in Rajgir

It can take around 30-40 minutes for your number. Must have breakfast or some eatables with you to get refreshed. It is advisable to reach early here to avoid waiting for delays. The zoo safari is for approximately 1 hour and we are eagerly waiting for the adventure to begin. Finally, our number was called up and hopped on the bus, the bus was so cool with 20 seats, 1 driver and 1 guide who was going to narrate all the places and history of zoo animals. The wildlife was established in February 2022. The speciality of this zoo lies in animals roaming freely outside in their zone. There are 5 zones divided in the wildlife- deer zone, bear zone, tiger zone, leopard zone, lion zone. Each zone has beautiful flora and fauna secured with channel security gates. 

As our bus moved, we reached Deer Safari Point which is spread over 30 hectares. Here we saw 6 various species of deer- spotted deer, Chital, Sambar, Blackbuck and many more. We clicked various pics that I am sharing here too.

Deer Safari

The next zone was Bear Safari. As per the guide, two bears can be spotted, but we spotted only 1 giant black bear which was climbing up on the table in its area.

Next. We arrived at Leopard Safari and spotted the silent killer playing hide and seek in a dense forest. The fourth point was Tiger Safari where we spotted 1 tiger sleeping peacefully basking sunrays.

Lion basking sun at Rajgir

The most adventurous was the Lion Zone, where 7 big lions and lionesses were waiting. Passing through Lion Zone was an amazing experience. 

Vishwa Shanti Stupa and Rajgir Ropeway

Apart from these, there is a Museum, a Children's Park and a 180-degree Theatre to watch the activities of animals living in the zoo. After an exciting zoo safari in Rajgir, we had lunch at a restaurant.

From here, we proceed to Vishwa Shanti Stupa which is accessible with stairs and ropeway. Ropeway booking has a long queue, but we managed to take 8 cabin tickets priced at 120Rs per ticket. The Ropeway ride was exciting and took us directly to Vishwa Shanti Stupa. You will find monkeys all over here snatching food items from visitors. We stroll near the stupa and have the darshan of Lord Buddha statue. Here, you can go for a lake tour at Ghora Katora Lake excellent picnic spot and well-known for the freshest sightseeing locations. 

Hot Springs in Rajgir

From there, we visited the hot springs at Brahma Kund. It is one of the ancient places here with tales associated with the Mahabharata tale. Here we take a bath in hot water and enjoy the vibes. We climbed upstairs and visited Jain Temple situated 500 stairs up from the spring spot. 


After a tiring day's adventure, we visited our last stop in Rajgir, named Swarna Bhandar. It is said, that behind the walls of the ruined fort, there is an unseen treasure of ancient times gold and jewellery. The guide over there told us the history of the hole and marks on the wall. 


Tips for Rajgir Trip:

•    Plan for at least 2-day trip to Rajgir to explore all famous attractions along Nalanda and Pawapuri.
•    Select the right season. The best time to visit Rajgir is from November to March when the temperature drops and the weather is pleasant. 
•    Try local cuisines such as Litti Chokha, Khaja and other regional dishes. 
•    Wear comfortable shoes and dress if you are planning to explore Gridhhakuta Peak. 
•    Must book Glass Bridge tickets in advance if you are coming here to explore this as a must.

On our departure from Rajgir to Patna, we took a stop at Nalanda University ruins. The library and other parts related to historical facts were very attractive. This trip feels like embracing the present with stepping into the past. Finally, we said goodbye to Rajgir and arrived at our home. 

Concluding Thoughts

In just one day, Rajgir unfolded its treasures before us like pages from a rich historical saga. From the ancient splendours of the Rajgir hills to the tranquil shores of the Brahmakund, every moment echoed with the whispers of a bygone era.

Beautiful Rajgir

The blend of spirituality, history, and natural beauty in this quaint town creates an unforgettable tapestry that captivates the soul. As we bid adieu to the town, the echoes of Rajgir resonate within, promising a return to unravel more layers of its storied past. The memories of this brief escapade serve as a reminder that even in the brevity of a one-day trip, Rajgir leaves an enduring imprint—a testament to the timelessness of its allure. Until we meet again, may the essence of Rajgir continue to inspire new adventures and reflections on the road less travelled. Hope this same-day travel blog of Rajgir from Patna will help you a lot in planning your next trip to Bihar. Stay Tuned and share your travel experience with us!

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