India’s Top 10 Monsoon Destinations: Experience the Enchantment of Rain

India’s Top 10 Monsoon Destinations: Experience the Enchantment of Rain

The summers have frustrated people all around. It seems like we all are waiting for the rain to come down pouring and change the weather for the better. 
As the summers come to an end, the monsoon season in India is slowly creeping in around the coasts and certain spaces. The cool breeze, the gentle drops of water and the beautiful dusky grey sky is witness to how much we love monsoon. But what if you love to travel and are confused as to which places can make your precious season worthwhile, we have some places covered.

When does it all begin?
The typical monsoon season in India starts from June and ends by September. It is quite uneven as some parts of the country do not get good downpour as one would imagine. Therefore, travel is well planned. Usually people try and avoid the rain and monsoon due to thoughts of running their trip; some people avidly seek out places to travel when the monsoon begins.

10 of our Soaking Wet Choices
India is so diverse and huge; hence, there are plenty of choices to go for when you are planning to see beautiful sceneries and enhanced beauty. Some of our choices are listed below:

I.    Kodaikanal
This “Princess of Hill Stations” is a frequent choice for people in love with waterfalls, treks and greenery. A small hill station located in Tamil Nadu, it is a very known place for visiting during monsoon. Kodaikanal is most famous for the star-shaped man-made lake at the heart of the city. During monsoon, the place evolves into a beautiful place with breath-taking scenic view of forests as the name “Kodaikanal” means ‘The Gift of the Forest’. When the waterfalls are all raging with more and more water, a rare phenomenon called the ‘Brachem Spectre’ where you can see a shadow of yourselves in the clouds! 


II.    Munnar
A hill station in the God’s Own Country of Kerala, it is truly magnificent. Known for its boastful tea plantations and big tree houses, Munnar offers a peaceful getaway from the hustling bustling crowd of Kerala. Munnar has seasonal waterfalls, that is, waterfalls which exist only during monsoons and dry up in other seasons. A pro of taking a trip there is the desert and empty places. Crowds don’t rush the place much which helps most people be at peace with their nature and spirit.

Munnar in Kerala

III.    Udaipur
Let’s talk about a place known to be the ultimate wedding destination in India. It is the city of lakes, Udaipur. Receiving the lowest rainfall out of all the cities in Rajasthan, the pleasant weather is well maintained throughout monsoon. If you are a person seeking less rain and a pleasing weather, choose Udaipur as your pick. The city is filled with jaw-dropping architecture from Rajputana Era and has been considered one of the major cities in history. The placement of Udaipur geology in Aravalli Hills makes it an uneven terrain with hills and apt lakes of different sizes. The city can surely satiate your need for a nice weather without much of a fuss of wetness.

Udaipur- The vibes of monsoon

IV.    Spiti Valley
An upcoming popular destination among people, it is also called ‘A Mini Tibet’. Located in the middle of spectacular mountain ranges, expanding scenic bliss and the summit of Himalayan mountain range make it the perfect spot for vista which is out of this world. The valley is small but has a lot of delicate views which can even make you reside for a much longer time. It is an offbeat destination as compared to others but the landscape will make you come back for more and more.

Spiti Valley

V.    Valley of Flowers
Known as one of the most beautiful places on earth, this valley is home to more than 400 varieties of flowers. The monsoon is the perfect time for this valley to shine and all the flowers to come into full bloom. The spot is within a national park but a delightful trek is taken to reach this piece of heaven on earth. The beauty of this valley lies in a particular time hence; it enhances the specialty of the valley even more. Orchids, poppies, zinnias and petunias are some of the varieties that can be spotted here in full glory during the downpour.

valley of flowers

VI.    Cherrapunji
The previous holder of wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji has a reputation like no other place on earth. The monsoon here is intense and shaking as it pours almost the entire day everyday during the monsoon season. Famous for waterfalls the raging water takes on a new face and shape when monsoon takes over. Some people are well scared of the amount of rainfall experienced here, but, the rainfall is also a big contributor to its thick, lush greenery everywhere your eyes can see.

Cherrapunji- best to visit in monsoon

VII.    Wayanad
Kerala is the state with good hill stations and this is no exception. Wayanad is adorned with a decent rainfall, hence foliage is abundant. Located at the lap of Western Ghats, it has charming beauty in its waterfalls, lakes and ancient old caves. The hill town is enjoyed a lot by people for its rains and quaint sights. A special feature which has been discovered lately by people is a type of flower which grows here every 12 years. The flower is known as ‘Neelakurinji’. Trekking and such activities are also offered so is a celebration of monsoon called ‘Splash’. A monsoon festival held for 3 days to enjoy, have fun and create memorable experiences in an attractive place.

Wayanad- beauty in kerala

VIII.    Orchha
A dry city in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, it is surely a surprising pick for a list of monsoon hill stations. But it is a wild card for sure as the weather during monsoon is totally transformed. The dry places start to see green sprouts and rain is quite decent. The Betwa River in the banks of which the city is situated, is also rejuvenated by the rain. The rains wash the monuments of centuries old dust and debris and the sparkle makes you remember the scenes for eternity. With a touch of history and a lot more interesting weather fluctuation, Orchha is sure a place to take a tour to.


IX.    Pondicherry
A beach in monsoon might seem absolutely absurd but it does work. Pondicherry has beaches and architecture to die for. From old colonial houses to crystal clear beaches, Pondicherry is a must visit. The place has memorable sunsets as well as delectable food. Monsoon brings the best out of the place as it helps in bringing a new flair to this otherwise simple beachy spot.


X.    Shillong
The home to cloud, this destination is the one. The most alluring sights you might see anywhere in social media will be the sights and sceneries of Shillong. Known for its hooking beauty, the place has waterfalls worth mentioning. Eagle falls and Elephant falls are the most perfect waterfalls when it comes to a sight unforgettable. Tourist friendly this place can make you feel at the top of the world as you journey through the city exploring the undergrowth.

Shillong- gem of Meghalay

To Sum Up
Out of all these places which one would you go for? Any of them would be a memory inculcating getaway and a time to remember and recall for forever.

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