Guide for Amritsar Tour: Sights to Visit, Dishes to Try & Much More

Guide for Amritsar Tour: Sights to Visit, Dishes to Try & Much More

With a humbling past and an optimistic future, Amritsar is a place of religious beliefs and great food. In the collective psyche of India and its inhabitants, Amritsar occupies a particularly important place. When it comes to spiritual sites, cultural landmarks, India's national integrity, and the country's early 20th-century war for independence from British domination, the city is significant. 

In addition to being the location of the famous Golden Temple and the Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara, Amritsar is also notable for the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial, where the crimes committed by the British monarchy reached an all-time low as they killed innocent people. Aside from these, Amritsar is renowned for its cuisine, its hospitable locals, and its neighborhood markets. By visiting this city, you may participate in the vibrant socio-cultural environment that it supports.

A Brief History

Amritsar’s foundational property was purchased for 700 rupees more than 500 years ago. Amritsar was built around a man-made pool that would eventually become the Golden Temple by Leader Amar Das, the fourth Sikh guru. It was a prosperous city recognized for philosophy, music, the arts, and performance for a long time. It was also situated in a prime trading position.

Unfortunately, Amritsar lost all of its valuable resources when the British took control.
The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, in which the British massacred hundreds of defenseless people, and Operation Blue Star, the confrontation between the government and militant Sikhs within the Golden Temple, are two more incidents that have influenced Amritsar's history. 83 Sikhs were murdered by the government, and the prime minister's two Sikh bodyguards then murdered her. The past is disturbing yet important to say the least.

Best Time to Visit & Sightseeing

This city is filled with valor and enigmatic energy though it is not advised to visit during the summer season. Months through October to January suit Amritsar the best. It might be a little chilly when you do end up traversing at the place during the suggested months but, if you don’t mind a little colder environment it will be a wise decision to avoid summer and monsoon months.
While weather is all sorted out, sightseeing should be taken well care of. There are multiple spots around Amritsar for you to enjoy and appreciate while you tour the city and take in the city bliss.

•    The Golden Temple
It is the centre of attraction when it comes to the city, often being one of the reasons why people are even visiting the city in the first place. People from all over India come to seek blessings and worship this significant complex.

Golden Temple

The structure is a two-story building plated in authentic gold, surrounded by a 5.1-meter-deep artificial lake. On the inside, chants of the Holy Text of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib can be heard. It is also home to one of the largest community kitchens in the world which serves around 1 Lakh people a day.

•    Wagah Border Ceremony
A drive from the main city will take you to the border of Pakistan where a routine border-closing ceremony is quite famous for its exuberant act of closing the border gates. Also known as the Beating Retreat Ceremony, it takes place every at sunset every afternoon. The Indian Border Security Force has a different style of carrying themselves and a different march and vice versa for Pakistan Rangers. When the ceremony is over, the Pakistan Rangers salute each other and close the gates.

The experience is very different for both the nations as the audiences can observe. On the Pakistan side, the women and men seat separately in a stadium setting and have a more subdued vibe. Whereas on the Indian side, things go wild as patriotism is celebrated whole-heartedly with Bollywood Music playing in the background and women dancing on the streets. 45- Minutes of this patriotic scene are enough to carry whole lifetime worth of memories.

•    Jallianwala Bagh
Another significant location in Amritsar is Jallianwala Bagh, which lies hidden behind the Golden Temple. The public park serves as a monument to the roughly 1,500 persons who were killed or wounded in 1919 when British soldiers were instructed to open fire on demonstrators calling for the release of leaders of the Indian Independence Movement who were detained. There are still bullet holes visible in the walls where hundreds of victims tried to take cover from the shooting.
The Martyrs' Gallery at the memorial site features images of significant individuals in Indian independence. You may also view an everlasting flame and go through a sobering display on the victims.

Some Delectable Food, Places to Binge At & Shopping Spots

•    Tandoori Chicken - Beera Chicken House
They have set themselves apart from the competition a long time ago by roasting a whole chicken and serving to perfection. Not a vibrant red or orange it looks covered with natural spices and tastes incredible.

Famous Dishes of Amritsar

•    Kulchas – Kulcha Land
You will have a variety of mouthwatering kulchas to choose from, leaving you with no shortage of options. You may finish your kulchas with a drink of lassi and enjoy a complete dinner. This place can truly make you admire vegetarian food in a new light.

•    Amritsari Macchi - Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner

The buttery Amritsari Fish Fry at Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner is worth a visit. The fish scene in Amritsar is linked with this historical location. In addition to being experts in making fish meals, Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner also works on and creates chicken dishes with similar skill. This is the best street food in Amritsar for meat eaters and seafood fans.
Lahori Gate Market, Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar, Hall Bazaar and Guru Bazaar are all famous markets in Amritsar for their apparels with Phulkari work, Juttis, electronics, lamps and Jadau jewelry.

Packing Bags

In the end, a trip to Amritsar is worthy for sure. It has variety whether it is food, shopping or attractions which make it a worthwhile visit. While it might not have vistas to die for, it certainly does have hospitable people, historically significant spots and a calm atmosphere. So plan your next trip to Amritsar and be sure to visit these places!

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