Experience the Culture & legacy of Rajasthan with vibrant festivals in winter

Experience the Culture & legacy of Rajasthan with vibrant festivals in winter

Rajasthan is a land of culture that gives you a chance to witness the ethnicity and legacy of state in form of various fairs, festivals & celebrations. You can find each day as a festival with music in air, colourful aura and royal legacy of cities welcoming people with warm hospitality. 
Onset of winter season prep up visitors and locals to enjoy the lively, musical & delectable offerings at various festivals organized in different cities of Rajasthan. Have a look at vivid festivals of Rajasthan celebrated from October to December in the winter season:

1)    Pushkar Fair- The bustling Pushkar Fair is a place to experience the diversity in every aspect filled with pleasure, sanctity, colours and lights. The festival is also famous as Camel festival celebrated annually on a big scale. Inauguration of fair begins with deepdan on Pushkar Sarovar along 52 more ghats. Camels get decorated and entire city get decked up like a new bride to welcome guests from countries. From Cultural performances to sports competition, camel race to matka race, every event is interesting and enjoying. The ,ost gorgeous fair is promoted & managed by Rajasthan tourism with happening slogans of Phir Chale Pushkar. The fair usually runs for a month and ends on Kartik Purnima. Pushkar is adobe of Lord Brahma is rare land of sand dunes, lake, hills and nature. Pushkar Fair is a way to celebrate the uniqueness & grandeur of city. 

Pushkar Fair

2)    Bundi Mahotsav- Bundi district in Rajasthan get ready every year to embrace the rich historical and cultural diversity of past years. Bundi Mahotsav is a remarkable celebration of colourful, cultural, musical and flavourful vibes of city. The 3 days festival is celebrated in November month where a fair of traditional Rajasthani handicrafts is organized. Popular sports like Kabaddi, horse riding and camel races are main sports event.
The Mahotsav includes programs like Shobha Yatra, Arts & Crafts Fair, Ethnic Sports, Cultural exhibition, Lighting diyas and Classical Music & Dance Program, Sight Seeing, Traditional Rural Sports, Turban competition, Bridal Clothing, Musical Band Competition & sparkling fireworks display etc. On the next morning of Kartik Purnima, you can see the illuminating water stream of Chambal river by hundreds of diyas made of flour and flown by men & women.

Bundi mahotsav

3)    Chandrabhaga Fair- The name of fair is related to Moon and celebrated with coinciding dates near Kartik Purnima. Feel the festival vibes with extravagant preparation & get indulge in adventure activities. 

4)    Momasar Utsav- It is the utsav or place to bring together folk artists and artisans from seven different cultural regions of Rajasthan which gives a best chance to witness the 2 days cultural extravaganza. The Utsav takes place in Camel Country aka desert region of Rajasthan- Bikaner. 

Momasar Festival

5)    Marwar Festival- A dazzling display of colours, lights, dance, music, fun and splendour is marwar Festival in Jodhpur. Turban tying, longest moustache competition and grand carnival of activities where entertainers from all around the state showcase their abilities. Visitors can witness entertainers and delectable cuisines of state. Mesmerizing decoration of city and enthusiastic performance by performers will stun you for sure. Ceremonial processions, heritage walks, camel tattoo exhibitions, camel safaris, sporting events, folk performances and much more is there to explore. 

Marwar Festival

6)    Kota Dussehra Festival- The 15 day long and very old event celebrated in Kota from the day of Vijyadashmi is quite a unique experience with processions, prayers and burining effigies of ravana. As Dusshera is celebrated all across India but the festival has different vibes in Kota. More than 75 feet tall effigies of the demons Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnad are burnt on Dussehra day to symbolise the victory of good over evil. Usually these effigies are filled with crackers. A young child dressed as Lord Ram is made to shoot an arrow of fire at Ravana and the huge figure is burnt. Villagers gather here dressed in multi colored clothes to offer prayers to Lord Rama and to celebrate his victory over Ravana. Prominent artists perform skits, cultural performance and music performance related to Ramayana. Other events to run for next 15-25 days  include Cine Sandhya, Kavi Sammelan, Sindhi cultural programme, Bhajan Sandhya, Rajasthani folk music and dance programme, all-India mushaira, Punjabi programme, qawwali night, Bhojpuri Night etc.

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7)    Deeg Festival- Deeg festival is a 2 days festival to collect local talents and give tourists a flavour of entertainment. Celebrated in Bharatpur, the festival begins with Shobha yatra and process with skits, dance performance etc.

8)    Abhaneri Festival- Feel the festive spirit in the air near Abhaneri village that get a rustic charm. The 2 day festival brim with happy faces, dance, music, art, traditions, entertainment.

Abhaneri Festival

9)    Folk and handicrafts Festival- The Folk and Handicraft festival in Bikaner will spotlight the talents of the Mir community of traditional folk musicians and the artisans of the Usta form of painting and engraving, both of which are resident to the Bikaner district of northwest Rajasthan. On two day event, various cultural shows will be demonstrated.

10)    Desert Music Festival- Rajasthan is the land of culture, language and genres. Natural music of every genre with folk touch narrated the love for music of this state. Out of various music festivals organized in state, Desert Music festival is one among them to entertained by enthralling performances by local artisans and renowed singers. 

If you also Rajasthan lover, send your favourite festivals with details. Meanwhile enjoy the extravagant fair & festival of Rajasthan.

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