A Lively Guide To Explore Rann Utsav at White Desert in Kutch, Gujarat

A Lively Guide To Explore Rann Utsav at White Desert in Kutch, Gujarat

Have you ever been to a place looking like snow from far but in actual it is land of white salt? Want to try the fun of being in such place, visit India’s one of the India’s biggest and most colorful festival- Rann Utsav. A festival with vibrancy and lively attractions that take place every year from December to February in White Desert of India, Kutch, Gujarat.

Rann of Kutch lies in administrative head Bhuj in the Kutch district of Gujarat & it is the biggest white desert in World. Rann of Kutch is a massive barren salt desert spread in approx. 18,000 square km area out of which White desert is spread across 7.5 square Km area. At distance of 50 kms from here there is India Pakistan Border where visitors are not allowed. The word “Rann” means desert and Kutch means something that can become wet and dry with the change in seasons it becomes wet in the rainy season and almost submerges into rain and once again gets connected to the Arabian sea and during other seasons it’s dry, and that is when world famous Rann Utsav is celebrated, majorly between November-February. In other months, very less visitors come in lieu of weather. 

How To Reach Rann Utsav?

There are different ways to reach Kutch, but majorly all have to go through Bhuj City, from there it’s approximately 71 km, you can take a cab or auto. Bhuj has well connected airport and railway lines from the major cities of the countries. Nearest Airport is Bhuj Airport from where Rann Utsav is approx. 85 kilometer and take 1.5 hours via road.

Welcome to Rann Utsav, Gujarat- Echo of Happiness

Rann of Kutch is India’s salt desert, almost 75% of India’s salt is produced from here. A massive desert known for its beautiful sunsets and moonrise. In monsoon season, each year the massive inflow of salty water from Arabian sea to Kutch happens and this is the time when you will see lovely flamingoes and perhaps it's the only place where flamingos breed in India. For the next eight months salt farming is done on the land and the famous Rann of Kutch begins.

Travel Guide to Rann of Kutch

Rann Utsav is to celebrate the cultural heritage through music and art. ”Great white Rann” looks amazing and splendid when the light of the moon spreads on the white desert. There are so many activities one can involve ourselves into. 

Attractions of Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav 2023 is the 15th edition of it’s kind which take place at 5 km before white desert in Dodo Village. You can take a stopover to have your breakfast or special dishes. Here you will find cuisines influenced with Sindh and Kutch community. For accommodations, here you will find different classes of tents with varied luxury facilities & cost. One of the best options to stay here is tent city which is very famous for its layered tents offer.

Tents in White Rann of Kutch

Choose the one which is best suited as per your budget and preference from premium, Luxury, Rajwadi and further divided into clusters. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed in Kutch style. Have a look at famous activities and attractions to explore at Annual Rann Utsav.

1.Camel cart ride - There are various options available for you where you can ask your tour guide and he can arrange a camel ride or horse ride in the day time for you.

Camel Cart RIde in Rann of Kutch

2.Parasailing - Experience the breathtaking eye view, witness the white massive desert all around with adventure activities like parasailing, paramotoring and ATV rides. Get the complete aerial view through gliding through blue sky while paramotoring.
3.Dirt biking - Once you reach Kutch you will get various options of bicycle and bikes to tour around that will be a great chance to come out with your inner adventure. 

4.Live music concerts - There are different events happening all along the day, you can choose which one you want to experience, every event has something unique in it with one thing similar unlimited fun.

5.Sightseeing- You can visit Mandvi, it’s a port city .For some hand embroidery you can visit Kala Raksha. You can also visit nearby amazing temples, forts and splendid hills.

6.Cultural dance shows - One can witness the tribal dance of the Kutch people or can also witness traditional folk dance.

Folk Dance at Rann Utsav 2023

7.Food court - Once in kutch you have various options available for all food lovers, kutch has all facilities form making you experience the authentic traditional cuisine to international dishes as well.

8.Gaming zone - There are various gaming zones available from Virtual-reality game facility to all major gaming activities for kids.

9.Shopping activity area - You can witness all types of handicrafts and traditional rugs from rainbow textiles to traditional Ragon art. When in Kutch one should must visit the different shopping centers present at the Rann Utsav and buy the souveniers.

10.Yoga and meditation center – You can find many meditation centres all around the Festival area. They use the technique of Buddha to help you meet yourself and a pure religion which is free from rituals of any communities .

11.Spa centre - You can experience the calmness of rejuvenating spa by rejuvenating treatment.

12.Hot air balloons - Experience the mystical view of the wide spread white desert .

Hot Air Ballon Ride in India

13.Moon light date - Experience the full moon in the open desert with endless views with your loved ones, as the moon light spreads all over the white classic desert.

14.Dholavira - An ancient village which is believed to have been one of the grandest cities of its time,5000 years ago. It is the most prominent site in India belonging to the time of India valley civilization and is another major tourist attraction in the Kutch.

15.Ambe Dham temple - Kutch is dedicated to goddess Ambe, and this temple is a sacred place for them.

16.Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary - Majorly famous for the breedings of Flamingos, it has blue bill and desert wolves as well.

17.Kala Dungar - It is experiencing the desert to your right and mountains to your left. One can also witness the India bridge from there.

18.Little Rann of Kutch - These areas are a refuge for wildlife, it’s similar to Rann of Kutch but is in broken pieces and also has lands different from white salty desert.

19.Kandla port - you can get the chance of witnessing the biggest multiple-product special economic zone of the country.

20.A Visit to White Desert- Feel like walking on snow carpet, but it in not that. It is sheet of salt that get deposited after Arabian Sea high tide come over here. The shape of Kutch is like a hollow bowl where water comes in but do not find a way to back out. The reason behind deposit of salt is evaporation by high heat of Sun in summer. Witness the extraordinary sunrise and sunset from the edge.
Apart from these there are club activities, indoor adventures to get indulge in. Make your Rann Utsav Tour more exciting with 1 weekend plan to Kutch and steal some precious moments from Life.

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