A Delightful Weekend Trip to Gir, Somnath and Diu from Ahmedabad

A Delightful Weekend Trip to Gir, Somnath and Diu from Ahmedabad

Weekends are meant to be spent in places where you get a complete feel of who you are and how those places bring out the best in you. The ever-exploring visitor in you should awaken as you dive into these locations head first to discover more.

There are many places to explore but the state of Gujarat is a different kind of treat, palatable for everyone in different senses. It is a fantastic option for a weekend trip which you avail on a short notice and period of time. The state exudes beaches, temple towns, and ancient capitals. Gujarat's treasures include wildlife refuges, highland resorts, and the beauty of the natural world. The state is also made wealthy through sculpture, handicrafts, the arts, and festivals.
The circuit of Gir, Somnath & Diu from Ahmedabad is a popular choice for visitors as they can experience all the different offerings Gujarat has. The state boasts of its pilgrim sites one of the most popular ones included in this tour. Let us review a typical Gir, Somnath & Diu from Ahmedabad circuit tour.
Weekend Tour to Gir, Somnath & Diu from Ahmedabad

Somnath (1) - Diu (1) - Sasan Gir (1) - Ahmedabad

Day 1: Ahmedabad to Somnath 
When you arrive in Ahmedabad, Get to your hotel. Visit the Sabarmati Ashram, Bhadra Fort, Jama Masjid, Sarkhej Roza, Kankaria Lake, The Adalaj Stepwell, and The Sabarmati Riverfront after freshening up. Proceed to Somnath to see one of India's most respected temples. Stay the night at Somnath.

Day 2: Somnath to Diu 
Get up early and make your way to the sacred temple of Somnath Jyotirlinga. Somnath is one of India's 12 Jyotirlinga Shiva temples. Lord Shiva is honored at the golden temple. Other attractions in Somnath include the Bhalka Tirth, Gita Mandir, Triveni Sangam, and Panch Pandav Gufa. Depart for Diu. Explore the magnificent city fort, as well as Naida Caves, Nagoa Beach, and the Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple. Arrive at your accommodation and retire for the night.

Jyotirlinga in Gujarat

Day 3: Gir National Park Tour
Wake up and head straight into Gir's fantastic adventure. As soon as you arrive, proceed to Sasan Gir. Sasan Gir is the only habitat of Asiatic Lions and a popular birding location. In addition to the 250 birds on the park's bird checklist, 50 additional species, including the endangered lesser florican and Saras crane, have been observed in the grasslands around the sanctuary's boundary. Evening safari and overnight stay in Gir.

Day 4: Departure
While eating a hearty meal, take in the sunlight. Pack your belongings and return to Ahmedabad with a treasure trove of beautiful memories. When you get in Ahmedabad, finish the journey and determine where you want to go next.

Overview of Touring Cities 

Somnath - Somnath is a pilgrim town in Gujarat located 80 kilometers from Junagadh and a few kilometers from the port city of Veraval, where the Jyotirlinga Shiva temple is located on the Arabian Sea.

Somnath Temple

Diu - Diu is known for its remote and tranquil beaches and is a favorite weekend retreat from Ahmedabad (400 km), Bhavnagar (225 km), or Rajkot (300 km)

Sasan Gir - Sasan Gir is the only area in the world where Asiatic Lions may be found in the wild. Sasan Gir is also a famous site for seeing migrating birds (especially in the winter) and crocodiles.

Ahmedabad is the commercial centre of Gujarat and one of the largest industrial centers in India. Ahmedabad has long been known as a centre for handicrafts, drawing tourists with its old-world charm, temples, textile museum, and cultural sites.

Highlights by Cities

Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple - Somnath is one of India's 12 Jyotirlinga Shiva temples. This temple overlooks the Arabian Sea and boasts one of the most beautiful settings of any Jyotirlinga shrine. Temple has a complex history, having been erected and destroyed multiple times throughout the years until being rebuilt to its current shape following Indian freedom.

Bhalka Tirth - Bhalka Tirth is the confluence of three rivers, Hirannya, Saraswati, and Kapila. Dehotsarg, near Bhalka Tirth on the Triveni Ghat, is thought to be the location of Krishna's cremation. Bhalka Tirth has also been a reclining statue of Krishna, representing his death by an arrow shot by a Bhill hunter who mistaken him for a deer.

Diu Fort is a big and imposing structure on the island's beach. This fort was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD. The fort is bordered by the sea on three sides and a canal on the fourth. The fort commands an excellent view of the sea. A large structure on the fort now houses a lighthouse and the Diu jail. The lighthouse's beam may be seen for roughly 32 kilometers. Several canons still stand atop the fort, peeping through cracks in the huge structure's walls.

Nagoa Beach in Diu - Nagoa Beach is a promenade and a popular beach front in Diu, located a few kilometers from the airport and the main jetty / town centre area. The greatest time to go for a walk on the beach is in the evening.

Sasan Gir
Wildlife and bird viewing in Gir - Sasan Gir is famous for being the only spot in the world where Asiatic Lions may be found in the wild. Sasan Gir is also known for its leopards, crocodiles (Kamleshwar Dam), and migrating birds (winters). The park administration provides guided Jeep safaris.

Sabarmati Ashram - Sabarmati Ashram served as Mahatma Gandhi's home for most of his latter life, and it has since been turned into a sort of Gandhi museum where one can get a glimpse into Gandhi's unique humble lifestyle, spin a charkha, and feel the freedom struggle.


Jama Masjid - The Jama Masjid in old city is an architectural masterpiece with a prayer area that can accommodate up to 3000 people at a time. It is one of India's most stunning mosques. A must-see for heritage travellers.

These places are good to visit for a person who likes to experience different things at once. Take the time to explore all these cities and bring back amazing memories to cherish forever.

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