A complete Guide to explore Saputara- Beautiful Hill Station In Gujarat

A complete Guide to explore Saputara- Beautiful Hill Station In Gujarat

Saputara is the one & only hill station of Gujarat located on the Dang plateau. It is the ideal location to get rid of the heatwaves of Gujarat & the getaway from the humidity of Maharashtra. The name Saputara is rephrased to "the abode of serpents" and emanated from the regional tribal language and civilization where the Snake god is revered. Properly so, one of the major interests here is a deity of a snake on the banks of the river Sarpaganga, idolised by tribes during the festival of Holi. 

Saputara hill station

Saputara is fun-filled weekend getaway from nearest cities in Gujarat as Surat, Vadodra and many more. Misty landscapes and unwinding scenic roads make the day to drive the uphill and have enchanting views for hill top. A small place to explore in 1 day or for family outing is perfect.

The town also has a link with Hindu mythology and the fact is that Lord Ram spent 11 years of his exile in the surrounding forests. The hills around Saputara are covered with smoke during the evenings. What makes it a genuine monsoon retreat is the wonderful change that experiences with the beginning of rains. Clouds and smoke, associated with cascading falls, make the place a delight for the eyes. The waterfalls and even the Saputara Lake are a hotspot for visitors who can research with paddle-boats. 

Fun Things To Do In Saputara

Do experience the positive vibes of this beautiful town. Experience nature that has fresh brooks that can be sailed across, get off on bird watching tours, schedule a hiking trip with teammates, and see the small tribal hamlets where the aboriginal tribes of Gujarat reside. Despite being a small hill station, this town is having many motivating things that can keep you engrossed. In the below-mentioned points, you will be introduced to the fun activities you can do in Saputara. 

1.    Adventure Sports

Saputara & it’s worth exploring hilly terrains are preferred amongst trekking enthusiasts. Some of the most popular trekking routes are the trek to Hatgad Fort, Governor’s Hill, and the morning walk to Sunrise Point. Some camps offer night treks as well. One of the most strived after adventure sports in Saputara is paragliding. Try the paragliding clubs that hold training sessions for children as well as adults. 

2.    Mesmerizing View Points

Genuinely attractive hill station, Saputara boasts of a handful of guardians dotted about the region. Gandhi Shikar or Sunset Point which is about 1.6 km from the town, is the apt vantage point from where you can watch the setting sun is one of the most prevalent outlooks. It gives a lovely view of the Dang forest below, dotted with tribal hamlets and tiny streams. 
Further away from Sunset Point is the Sunrise Point where you can glimpse the sight of the warmly shining sun as it climbs above the horizon and marks the commencement of yet another day. Activities like horse riding keep the kids engaged without making them bored. 

Saputara Hill Views

3.    Boating

If you are desiring some more experience, you can hire a boat to cruise across the cool waters. The fascinating part is that boats are varied in size & shape. A boat ride with family or colleagues drifting along is a great experience. Close to the northern bank of the Saputara Lake you would encounter vendors vending icecreams, chai with pakoras or sweet corns.

Boating in Saputara

4.    The Ropeway

Hovering on the slopes on a cable car is the ideal form of travelling the country. Saputara offers a cable car ride up the hillside from near Vanity Resort to Sunset Point, and back. Sailing high up the meandering cluttered hills and vales is a beautiful feeling. The cable car stops halfway so you could enjoy the sights under your feet and catch them on camera. 
Sightseers relish a journey by cable car to Sunset Point to glimpse the view of the dipping sun and back to the pavilion by the next cable car. The sights from the ropeway and the cliff at Sunset Point are exquisite and are a must do on your list. You will find shacks selling hot tea, Maggi, and samosas at both ends of the ropeway, so the evenings when the Ropeway operations are just about enjoying the moment. 

5.    Artist Village

Hailed as the Artist Village near Saputara is considered to be the artistic and classic hub of the area. It is said that the best place in Saputara for purchasing standard as well as tribal antiques. The place is also considered a perfect location to learn about the culture of this area. 
There are many tourist attractions in Saputara are as follows: 
•    Honey Bees Centre 
•    Echo Point
•    Lake View Garden
•    Sitavan 
•    Pandav Gufas 
•    Pampa Sarovar
•    Forest nurseries
•    Hatgad Fort
•    Saputara No Sap 
•    Ritambhara Vishwa Vidyapith 
•    Governor’s Hill
•    Nageshwar Mahadev Temple 
•    Jain Temple
•    Swaminarayan Temple
•    Brahma Kumari Art Gallery

How To Reach Saputara? 

Saputara by Air: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) is located at a distance of about 360 km from Saputara. The airport links Saputara with other important municipalities in the nation. Surat airport is the nearest domestic airport to Saputara. 
Saputara by Railways: Closest railway to the Saputara is the Waghai railway station. It is located at a distance of about 50 km from Saputara city centre. Mumbai has direct trains linking to Waghai. People can book private taxis from there to depart to Saputara. 
Saputara by Road: There are several state-owned as well as private buses that ply between Saputara and different other main destinations in India. Private A/C, Volvo, and Deluxe buses are available from Saputara.  

Saputara is linked with most of the major cities like Surat (172 km), Mumbai (280 km), Ahmedabad (420 Km), and Vadodra (300 Km).


Best Time to Visit Saputara

For a short trip to Saputara, June is best with pleasant climate and little over monsoon drops. Ideal time is October to February when temperature steadily drops and offer cool atmosphere comparatively.

Activities to do in Saputara

My Thoughts

My Saputara trip with full family in the year 2021 was amazing. It is a proven place to enjoy for any age group from kids to elder, College goers or romantic couples. Our day begins with photography against beautiful sceneries, camel riding, sweet corn munching, bhel puri, ziplining and boating in Lake. One full day tour make our Gujarat tour memorable to cherish forever.

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