7 Picnic Spots in Ooty for an Ideal Time

7 Picnic Spots in Ooty for an Ideal Time

Famous for its tea, handicrafts, chocolates, fruits, and much more this place has everything. The perfect holiday and weekend plan is associated with Ooty for its various destinations and more. Aromas, streets, and serenity can all make your stay a little longer but on a family trip, the textbook plan is to always plan for a picnic.

The place of tea is located in Tamil Nadu and people from all over the world travel for a delectable cup of tea.

Picnics bring together people for food, gossip, and a good time. Hence. Finding the best spot is all that’s left when you decide to just go for it. At the destination of lush green tea gardens, the only thing left to do is have some tea and biscuits. 

Here are some good spots to look out for when you plan a luxurious trip to Ooty. 

Government Botanical Garden

government botanical garden

What better place than a garden for a fulfilling picnic? The best picnic is when there is lush foliage and tempting flowers. This magnificent garden on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak was developed more than 170 years ago in the 1840s and spans 55 acres.

This garden features a variety of flowers, ferns, bonsai, shrubs, and trees, as well as a unique cork tree (the only one of its kind in India) and a 20-million-year-old fossil tree trunk. All of the vegetation and breathtaking vistas make it a favorite picnic place.

Avalanche Lake

avalanche lake

The quintessential spot on this list might be this one. The encapsulated charm of this lake can make you go gaga over its essence. The lake earned its name, which is a misnomer because it was produced naturally in 1823 by a landslide (not an avalanche).

The lovely lake is surrounded by tall mountains with waterfalls and deep forests, creating an appealing scene. This location is perfect for picnics, walking, photography, horseback riding, and fishing, among other enjoyable activities, due to its natural scenery. You may either picnic by the lake or set up a tent and cook the fish you catch here.

Kamraj Sagar Dam

kamraj sagar dam

You might think it is not the ideal spot for picnics, but it can really provide the base for the relaxing picnic that you have on your mind. The Kamraj Sagar Dam is also known as Sandynallah Reservoir. On any given day, you may find a lot of people here having lunch, playing cards, or simply resting by the lake.

Fishing is popular in the reservoir since it is home to a variety of marine animals. This location is also rich in vegetation and animals, making it, particularly appealing to nature aficionados. Even birdwatchers have a great time here because they may see a variety of species.

Furthermore, the turquoise water, with the mountains and trees in the background, creates a mystical setting worth photographing. 

Doddabetta Peak

doddabetta peak

Lush green hills are anyone’s favorite, and so are ours. This place is an amalgamation of blue and green which look magnificent. Villages and towns complete the view which looks like something out of a book. Dodda means huge in Badaga and Betta means mountain, making this the ideal title for the Nilgiris' tallest peak at 2637 m above sea level.

This renowned picnic spot's photographic beauty draws both visitors and locals. Because the peak is flat, you may sit and take in the scenery as well as the companionship of your picnic companions. At this location, you may also engage in photography, birdwatching, trekking, and other activities.

A telescope has been built at the peak, providing panoramic views of the whole hill station and its surrounds.

Ooty Lake

ooty lake

A lake with the name of the very place is obviously a must-visit. As you explore this lake, you will be taken aback by the scenic bliss. Ooty Lake, with its turquoise waters and surrounding green forest cover, is a breathtaking sight. This approximately 200-year-old artificial lake was developed for fishing by John Sullivan in 1824. The lake is a must-see site in Ooty and is ideal for family vacations.

Boating in its tranquil waters is where it's at since it allows you to get up and personal with the panoramic magnificence. During the warmer months, you may see thrilling boat racing and boat pageantry here. If you have children, don't forget to ride the tiny train. There are also other businesses on the property that offer trinkets, food, and other stuff.

Emerald Lake

emerald lake

Blue and green as far as your eyes can see are the very base of this place. Surrounded by hills and peaks, this destination is the optimal spot for capturing your attention. Emerald Lake, located in the top portion of the Sigur Plateau, is a great area to spend time with family or friends in Ooty. When you arrive, the first thing that will catch your eye is the stunning scenery: placid rivers, lush hills, and peace.

You may have a picnic lunch beside the lake before exploring the region's distinctive flora and animals. If you are an adventure seeker, you may go mountain biking around the lake's shores to ramp up the adrenaline factor. There are also a variety of other activities available here, such as birdwatching, fishing, and trekking.

Deer Park

deer park

Deer Park is located 2 kilometers from Ooty Lake and is easily accessible by road. Deer park, with its rich fauna and species of deer such as Sambhar and Chithal, offers for an intriguing visit, especially for wildlife enthusiasts. The vegetation in this park is varied. This park, which covers an area of 22 acres, was constructed in 1986. It is one of the most well-known wildlife sanctuaries in not only Tamil Nadu, but India, offering an incredible opportunity to view wildlife and numerous creatures up close.


People seek out places that are attractive and remarkable. Ooty has all of this including some of the most serene and sound spots which can make you excited for a trip. Grab your loved ones and plan your ideal picnic between the mountainous and scenic place of Ooty. 

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