10 Best Food Joints of Delhi Offering A Unique Flavour

 10 Best Food Joints of Delhi Offering A Unique Flavour

Delhi is the hub for street food 7 authentic cuisines. Be it spicy kebabs or chhole bhature, you can never stop binging in Delhi. While there are options upon options for you to choose from, some places are the go to joints for some of the most famous delectable dishes in Delhi. Looking for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option, streets of Delhi will never let you down. Delhi is a hub of welcoming tourists from corners of country and world. Visitors are lucky enough to get variety of taste at one platter. From delicious region wise food to local street food, the spices and taste melt into mouth and leave its impression for a long span. Let us explore 10 of the most frequented food joints in Delhi for some unforgettable tasting street food & main course as well.

I.    Moti Mahal

A legendary restaurant and an even deeper legacy, Moti Mahal claims to be the inventor of two priced possessions in the culinary space of India, that is, Tandoori chicken and Butter chicken! It is the boastful claim they put up and while they have won awards for it, people have their suspicions and still debate whether they or the ancestors are really the inventors of the two dishes.
Established in the year of 1947, they have come a long way and expanded to countries like New York as well. Chicken varieties are available at different pricing as per the demand of chicken lovers.

Moti Mahal

II.    Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Popularity is the epitome of this place coming from humble beginnings. Famous for its delectable Chhole Bhature, people from Delhi dub it the ‘perfect plate of bhature’. The place is not boastful, extravagant or even grand. It doesn’t even have a sitting area, but the food’s taste has made people from all over fall for this place.
Opened in 1955, this place has been serving its spicy, fried to perfection chhole bhature to customers from all over. People have been known to travel from places to try and see what the buzz is about this dish in the lanes of Paharganj.

III.    Kake Da Hotel

Now a well-established brand in the food business, Kake Da Hotel is famous for its mouthwatering mutton and kebabs. Known to be long running as a generational business, people also come down here to try their butter chicken which is also said to be equally good.
Serving quite a few big names since 1931 in the political and entertainment industry, this place has some of the best dhaba dishes you will ever come across.

Kake Da Hotel

IV.    Karim’s

The place with the most authentic Mughlai food has a legacy which is jaw dropping. The head chef of royal court of red fort had flee during the 1857 revolt and taught all the knowledge about cuisine cooking and more to his son, Karim Uddin. In 1911, during Delhi Darbar a small kiosk was set up near Jama Masjid, hence giving birth to this ever-golden spot.
Non-vegetarian dishes and biryanis are the top picks with mutton burra, chicken delicacies and biryani items this place is a must for non-vegetarian peeps to try the best Mughal food in Delhi at the place surrounded by more delectable spots.

V.    Roshan Di Kulfi

It is amazing how stories can inspire you in real life. Here is one of them, the coming to be Roshan Di Kulfi. Started by the coveted Roshan Lal Soni, he was just 19 when he started his kulfi kiosk in the streets of Karol Bagh. First selling dry fruits and then diving into kulfi’s he had done quite the work to get to the point where the business is now.
From a wide selection and an even bigger heart, people of Karol Bagh come down often to relieve themselves from the scorching heat of the Delhi’s summer sun just like the idea which inspired Roshan Lal Soni to set up this place.

VI.    Al-Bake

Getting popular as the only Shawarma spot in New Friends Colony, these people have succeeded by a long shot. Specializing in bringing the Gulf to India, their star of the business is obviously the Shawarma. The flavor is so unique that people travel from other states for a taste!
Established comparatively recently, in 1991, the place serves an extensive range of gulf delicacies to the public at quite reasonable prices.

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Famous Delhi street food

VII.    Rajinder Da Dhaba

 Known for its traditional dishes dhaba style, this restaurant has secured its place into countless hearts. With its rich and delicious food and focus on the tastiest non-vegetarian snacks, this place is a blessing to people who are looking for affordable non-vegetarian food.
Set up in 1982, it has been serving dhaba style, that is, rich curries with gravy and crispy and soft breads for over 40 decades. The place is surely worth a visit but keep in mind the rush as it is located in Safdarjung Enclave, a modern locality.

VIII.    Ghalib Kabab Corner

Established in 1977, it has its own loyal customer base. No one ditches this place for another even if it is far away. Popular for its tender and juicy kebabs, it can make you a fan with just a bite. Without any questions this place should be on your top list when considering kebabs on any kind.
Some famous kebabs and must tries are Beef Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs, Kababs, Phirni, Mutton and Chicken.

IX.    Parikrama

Certainly not a spot which is easily affordable but worth every single penny, Parikrama promises the best and unique experience, the restaurant revolves! As a high end restaurant, Parikrama also serves quite the North delicacies which are delectable but surely the revolving panoramic experience steals the show.

Parikrama Hotel in Delhi

The restaurant is quite popular for its drinks though. Be it mock tails or cocktails the place has certainly shown flair in its flavor profile as well as presentation. Serving drinks, vistas and fun since 1991, this place is always the high people are looking for when it comes to experience.

X.    Annapurna Sweet House

Not a well-known sweet shop but a well tasting one. Located in C.R. Park, a Bengali residential area, it boasts of its far wide selection of sweets from Kolkata and all over Bengal. Established 34 years ago, this sweet shop has been offering delectable to sweet tooth’s from all over. 
Some popular sweet selections include Rasgolla, Raskadam, Rajbhoj, Sandesh, Darbesh, etc. which are quite popular among the locals. People from adjacent neighborhoods from Kalkaji also enjoy these sweets and horde the market place at evening to get a hold of these sugary goodness.

Last but not the least, Delhi doesn’t stop here at just ten numbers of food joints. Will soon cover the upcoming food joints or existing one in next article. If you know the taste at some other better food joint, share with us at info@indianholidaytrip.com

To Box Things Up

Whether it be savory or sweet, delicacies and cravings drive people to explore new places everywhere around the world. Delhi being a food hub of a medley of cultures and cuisines, provides so much variety for people to indulge in and enjoy. 

In our times, it should be evident how much food and cultures impact our cultural, mental and social growth. Try all or some of these delectable for yourselves to learn about cultures, taste palette and more the adventure of eating different foods!

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