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Rajasthan is getting ready for something exciting in tourism!

Rajasthan is getting ready for something exciting in tourism!

Rajasthan Tourism is on the brink of an exciting transformation, with plans to revolutionize the tourism landscape of the state. The ambitious initiative by the Rajasthan Tourism Department involves identifying and developing new tourist destinations in all districts. Each district is set to showcase two tourist attractions, each undergoing a process of development, restoration, and conservation. This venture is already in progress and is being financed through the Tourism Development Fund.

Among the focal districts for this initiative are illustrious names like Jaisalmer, Bundi, Jhunjhunu, Ajmer, Jaipur, Banswara, Alwar, Pratapgarh, Bharatpur, Jhalawar, Nagaur, Dausa, Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Jodhpur, Kota, Jalore, Bhilwara, Karauli, Sirohi, Bikaner, Hanumangarh, and many more. The state is geared to bring these hidden gems to the forefront, promising tourists a diverse and enriching experience in Rajasthan's vibrant cultural and historical tapestry.

The head of the Tourism Department, Principal Secretary Gayatri Rathod, shared exciting news about their latest initiative. In every district, they've set their sights on developing two special places just for tourists. Their plan is pretty amazing—it's not just about making the current tourist spots better but also about creating brand-new and awesome places for people to visit. It's like adding new pages to an already great book, giving visitors even more wonderful experiences to enjoy all across Rajasthan.

Rashmi Sharma, the director of the tourism department, shared some important news about their efforts. The department is really focused on making tourism in the state even better. They have big plans to fix and improve things so that visitors have an even nicer time exploring. They're investing a huge amount of INR 70.06 crore to make this happen. This money will be used to build and renovate exciting things all over the districts, making sure every place is ready to welcome tourists with open arms. It's like giving everything a fresh coat of paint to make it look fantastic!

Rajasthan is getting ready for something exciting in tourism! They want to make visiting each district in Rajasthan a brand-new adventure. Ms Sharma, who is in charge, mentioned that it's not just their team making this happen. They've gotten help from their friends in the Forest Department, Archaeology Department, Public Works Department, and even the local city and town governments. It's a big group effort! All these teams are working together to make sure these plans work well and make the tourists really happy. It's like giving a fresh, fun makeover to the whole tourism scene in Rajasthan!

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