First Phase of Delhi Mumbai Expressway Inaugurated & Opened For Public

First Phase of Delhi Mumbai Expressway Inaugurated & Opened For Public

The government has announced the opening of the much-awaited Delhi-Mumbai expressway, connecting the two largest metropolitan cities. The 1,386-kilometer-long highway is set to revolutionize road travel between the two cities, reducing travel time by nearly half. 

This expressway is one of the largest infrastructure projects in India's history, and it has been in the works for almost a decade. Around 12 Lakh tons of steel was used for the construction which when compared comes to be equal to 50 Howrah bridges. It is expected to bring a massive change to the transportation of the country, providing a much-related boost to the economy and improving connectivity between the two major cities. 

On 12th February, the expressway get inaugurated by PM & it has been opened for public use from 15th February. Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has been dedicated to nation by PM Modi. 

The new highway is expected to reduce the time travel between Delhi and Mumbai to just 12 hours, which is a significant improvement over the 24 hours it used to take before. Cities on the route will also come closer. This will also ease traffic congestion on the existing national highway between the two cities, which is often congested and prone to accidents. 

The expressway will have 8 lanes, which can be expanded to twelve in the future if needed. There will be 40+ major interchanges on the expressway which will prove connectivity to Kota, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Vadodara and Surat. 

It has faced several challenges over the years, including land acquisition and environmental issues, but the government has managed to overcome these challenges to bring the project to fruition. The project's estimated cost at first was ?98,000.

The expressway will boost the country's financial position by facilitating faster movements of goods and people between the two cities, which are important business hubs. The highway is also expected to create and generate 10 crore man-days of employment. There is special provision for optical fibres, pipelines, solar energy and water harvesting. As per reports, the expressway will ensure safe, trouble-free transport with wayside amenities. It will be energy-efficient and lessen vehicle operating costs.

The highway's opening is a significant milestone for India, which is looking to improve its infrastructure and compete with other developed countries. The Indian government has announced plans for several other infrastructure projects, including the Sagarmala project, the Bharatmala project, and the Dedicated Freight Corridor project, which are expected to further improve the country's connectivity and boost economic growth.

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is a step in the right direction for India, and it is expected to have a profound impact on the country's development. The government has urged citizens to use the expressway responsibly and follow all safety rules while driving.


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