Durga Puja Pandal 2022 Trends in Kolkata, From MetaPujo to Replica of Vatican

Durga Puja Pandal 2022 Trends in Kolkata, From MetaPujo to Replica of Vatican

The Durga Puja has severely built and rebuilt itself as a festival full of beauty, divinity and color. This year is no difference as we approach Kolkata’s splendid pujo pandals which give us a glimpse of changing times and evolution even in pandals.

Durga Puja has officially made its debut in the Metaverse for the first time in history! This year's Durga Puja in India has taken on the moniker MetaPujo due to the availability of 3D visuals of all the important puja pandals in Kolkata on the Metaverse. Ahiritola Sarbojanin, Deshapriya Park, Ballygunge Cultural, and Tala Prattay are a few well-known puja pandals that have evolved into the Metaverse.

As far our understanding goes, Metaverse denotes a virtual world where users may communicate with one other and a computer-generated environment. A virtual world can be a place where you reside, play video games, engage in virtual reality, or use a camera filter to make you appear like a dog. It is becoming into a setting where you live your digital life, parallel to the real world.

The organizers will allow visitors to view the Durga Puja pandal in 3D with the aid of technology specialists Metaform, XP&DLAND, and Spatial. Devotees from all over the world will be able to access the platform, which will be constructed in the form of a pandal, and people will be able to participate in the pujo. Therefore, even if individuals are physically unable to partake in the festivities, they may still view its splendor from anywhere in the world. In the comfort of their homes, they may also engage in pandal hopping, that is sightseeing a lot of puja pandals.

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Some very interesting and fancy changes include; people moving about, conversations with others, and taking of photographs. Additionally, customers have the option to create a meta-realistic avatar of them and access anything via cell phones or tablets. Everything is organized and centered around 3D recreations by the organizers.

The Shree Bhoomi Sporting Club pandal in Bidhannar this year has drawn attention from onlookers. The club excels at the aforementioned theme every year and draws guests in with its gorgeous pandals. With its spectacular puja pandal theme of the Vatican City, the club once again astounded visitors. This year, the club also commemorates its Golden Jubilee of 50 years of celebrating this festival grandiosely; hence, it needed to be unique and unforgettable.
The lovely and expansive pandals that are based on fresh and distinctive ideas are one of the festival's biggest appeals.
Sujit Bose, the minister for fire and emergency services in West Bengal and the president of Sreebhumi Sporting Club, stated in a media interview that while many people have heard of the Vatican City in Rome, very few fortunate folks have really been overseas to visit it. Thus, the subject will make it possible for individuals to visit the Vatican through the pandal experience.
He provided further information about the pandal, mentioning that it took more than 100 craftsmen 60 days to construct and finish the pandal. By focusing on the Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world, Sreebhumi was able to draw attention to itself last year.
West Bengal's pujo pandals are famous for their brilliance, and tourists from all over the world and India swarm to the city to take in this grandeur for themselves. The group has previously created the really fantastic-looking Bahubali movie theme pandal as well.

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