25 Sep 2022

Places in India to visit for energy-filled Navratri Celebrations

Ananya Goyal

West Bengal

The name Durga Puja takes over Navratri as people gather in large pandals, idolize Durga idols, and indulge in lip-smacking delicacies lined up.


They celebrate it the old-fashioned way of bringing Ramleela or the story of Ramayana on stage with heavy make-up and costumes to entice people for more.


The famous Garba makes an appearance as open spaces with lights, flowers and music boom to inaugurate the celebration for the goddess Durga.


Pandals get erected around places with vibrant colors and fragrant flowers thrown to worship the goddess of Durga in her entire glory of ‘good over evil’.

Tamil Nadu

Rangolis are made with bright colors and hand-made idols of gods and goddesses seek fortitude in Kolu, a tiered-table for keeping the Gods astound.


Processions of various kinds are held and the festival takes the name of Mysore Dasara celebrated with grandiose feel of elephants, dancers and musicians.

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