Relaunch of Kaziranga National Park for Visitors

Relaunch of Kaziranga National Park for Visitors

The Kaziranga National Park (KNP) was officially opened for visitors for the next season on last Saturday by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva of the Isha Foundation and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Due to the monsoon, the park's elephant and jeep safaris were suspended in May which posed no visitors in the entire season.
Sadhguru and the chief minister went on a vehicle safari across the park with the assistance of the tourism minister Jayanta Malla Baruah.

Sadhguru chatted with the journalists as he states how secure the Chief Minister is alongside him as well as how tremendously happy he is to be opening the place for the public. A historical moment was captured when 2479 rhinoceros horns were burned to send a clear signal to the rising number of poachers.

Three rhinoceros monuments were unveiled by the chief minister and Sadhguru in the Mihimukh region of the park. Using the horns which were immolated on September 22, 2021, these statues ‘ existence came to be.

According to Sarma the rhino sculptures so built are an attempt to immortalize the efforts and commitment of individuals who selflessly safeguard Assam's glory, the big one-horned rhinoceros she stated to commend the protectors of the community.
People should visit Assam to experience its biodiversity continued Sadhguru.
He claimed that if private companies with expertise in this field are included, rapid progress may be completed in a short amount of time.

An agreement on the sustainable use of soil for agricultural activities was also signed by the chief minister on behalf of the state government and Sadhguru of the Isha Foundation.

Earlier, in his remarks to a group of ministers, lawmakers, and high-ranking government officials known as a "chintan shivir," Sadhguru emphasized the Northeast's potential for eco-tourism to advance the area in the sector of promotionally appealing to multiple tourists.
The most environmentally friendly and one of the simplest sectors to grow is tourism. It involves a large number of people without destroying the environment, Sadhguru observed.
He gave the examples of African countries that have successfully monetized their potential for natural tourism without harming the environment. Urging India to take inspiration and follow the same steps.