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Enjoy Solar Ferry ride in Ernakulam for a picturesque view

Enjoy Solar Ferry ride in Ernakulam for a picturesque view

Ferries managed by public sector organisations in Ernakulam are intended to use solar power as their fuel source to address climate change issues and reduce operating costs. The Ernakulam district is a prominent tourist destination in Kerala. However, one activity that stands out and is liked by all tourists that travel here is backwater cruises. These solar ferries take you across Ernakulam's picturesque canals.

When this service is launched, tourists will be able to access the water from Marine Drive for an hourly fee of INR 100. These two-deck boats are still being built. When completed, they will provide a stunning perspective of the open sea. In comparison to other boat services, this solar ferry service will be quite inexpensive.

In the long run, the State Water Transport Department (SWTD) intends to replace the present fleet with solar ferries. Already, it has opted to include solar power as an option in the 14 catamaran boats presently under construction at various yards. The state planning board has also given preliminary clearance to support solar boats in the next years.

According to recent reports, initiatives are being developed to increase connection in and around Kochi's Vembanad Lake. These solar boat excursions will transport visitors to all of these islands. Tourists would have fantastic experiences if they bike to both Vembanad Lake and Kochi. The activities available range from cruises to birding trips to visits to several coastal communities.

Benefits Of Solar-Powered Boats

A cost-benefit study of the transition to different energy modes is now underway. The benefits are numerous, including little or less noise and air pollution and significantly less upkeep. This is especially true for solar-powered vessels with few moving parts. Efforts are also being made to replace the KSINC's official automobiles, which have expensive fuel and maintenance costs, with electric vehicles.