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Biswanath Ghat in Assam Crowned 'Best Tourism Village of India 2023' by Tourism Department

 Biswanath Ghat in Assam Crowned 'Best Tourism Village of India 2023' by Tourism Department

Biswanath Ghat, often referred to as 'Gupta Kashi,' takes its name from the ancient Biswanath Temple and is situated alongside the Brahmaputra River, south of Biswanath Chariali Town. Recently, in a moment of pride for the state, Assam's Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma shared exciting news on Friday, September 22. He proudly announced that Biswanath Ghat has clinched the prestigious title of 'Best Tourism Village of India 2023' as recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. 

Assam's Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, made a significant announcement on Friday.Happy to share that Biswanath Ghats has been selected as the Best Tourism Village of India 2023 by the Ministry of Tourism. Selected from amongst 791 applications from 31 states & UTs, Biswanath Ghats’s selection reflects the huge efforts that our Government have taken in promoting rural tourism in Assam He shared on X, previously known as Twitter.

Eight destinations in Assam submitted their applications for the esteemed recognition of being the best tourism village to the Union Tourism Minister. The responsibility of overseeing the selection process was entrusted to the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management in Gwalior, designated as the central nodal agency. The evaluation involved a thorough assessment of various crucial parameters, including sustainability, social impact, environmental practices, and community engagement, ensuring a comprehensive and fair selection process.

Officials mentioned that Biswanath Ghat was carefully evaluated at three levels: district, state, and national. Finally, it earned recognition at the national level. During this process, village representatives Kishore Hazarika and Ritutpaul Bordoloi from Shinning Green Ashiana, along with the state tourism department, presented a compelling case for Biswanath Ghat. They highlighted the village's dedication to preserving and promoting its unique cultural resources, making it a one-of-a-kind and genuine destination. An Assam Tourism official added that what sets Biswanath Ghat apart is its wonderful blend of diverse cultures and its steadfast effort to preserve revered spiritual and religious sites like Gangmou Than and Nagsankar temple.

The village has made its cultural sites and attractions more engaging by adding stories and explanations. These narratives help visitors better grasp and value the cultural importance of the place. Additionally, the village follows a responsible approach by encouraging community-based tourism. This means that the local residents actively participate in planning, managing, and gaining benefits from the tourism initiatives, ensuring the community is involved and benefits from tourism activities.

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