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3 Days Rajgir Mahotsav 2022 to be held from November 29 in Nalanda, Bihar

3 Days Rajgir Mahotsav 2022 to be held from November 29 in Nalanda, Bihar

The three day internationally acclaimed Rajgir Mahotsav will be held from November 2022. The schedule was finalized with co-host of Mahotsav which is state tourism development department. Date of performers will be announced soon.

Brief of Host place- Rajgir

The most famous town of Bihar in Nalanda District is encompassed by Seven hills and served as Magadh Empire capital. Rajgir Mahotsav is renowned not only in Bihar but also across the country and around the world as a stunning illustration of history, art, religion & culture. Since 1986, it has been a tradition to hold the Rajgir festival that can promote rich historical and cultural heritage of nearby provinces as well. The festival, which has positioned Nalanda and Rajgir on the top of the world tourism pedestal, is expanding while maintaining tradition and legacy.

Security arrangements are taken care ahead of event. This year the seven day Gram Shri Mela will also become a part of this Mahotsav where visitors can take part in Literature fair, leisure zone and agriculture mela. 

Highlights of Rajgir Mahotsav 2022

•    Classical dance and music
•    Stalls of handicrafts work by local artisans
•    Tase the delicacies of local cuisines
•    Palki & Tonga Decorations
•    Wrestling Competitions
•    Music Performances
•    Folk Music & dance
•    Painting Contests
•    Rural Art Display

Old Venue for the Rajgir Mahotsav was Qila Maidan but after restriction of ASI, venue has been shifted to RICC & Hockey Gorund. Keeping the tradition and heritage intact, new dimensions are being added to the festival which has helped establish Nalanda and Rajgir on the global tourism pedestal. It features a blend of old and new, classical and modern, and enthusiasm in dance that will leave you speechless.