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Kulgam Hosts the Aharbal Mela To Encourage Tourism in Kashmir

Kulgam Hosts the Aharbal Mela To Encourage Tourism in Kashmir

District Administration of Kulgam arranged the ‘Aharbal Mela’ in Kashmir to promote and advertise tourism specifically Aharbal Falls.

In partnership with the Department of Tourism, the District Administration of Kulgam established the ‘Aharbal Mela’ for local and international tourists to enjoy the beautiful Aharbal Waterfall located in south Kashmir which was the star of the show.

The Mela was held near Aharbal Waterfall Park, a renowned tourist attraction in south Kashmir during the summer season attracting a lot of locals as well as foreigners for a good time. Visitors are known to indulge in photography in front of the waterfall to capture its beauty and take it home.

Numerous numbers of kiosks were established by different departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Sheep, Animal Husbandry, Tourism, KVIB, Apiculture, Floriculture, Handicrafts, and other departments to aid the tourism initiative. The local culture, heritage, and traditional beliefs were also on full display.

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Painting competitions were held in the light of this event of ‘Aharbal Mela’ encouraging students of multiple schools to chime in and participate to showcase their talents. Groups of boys also took part in cycling and trekking affairs organized to create more engagement. These events were officially started and flagged off by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kulgam Bilal Mohi-Ud-din.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kulgam Bilal Mohi-ud-din stated that on the directions and instructions given by the Lieutenant Governor (LG) the state is trying to put valiant and pointed attempts at promoting prospective tourist destinations like Aharbal which are considered as off-beat locations for visitors. The Mela or festival is a part of the Government’s inventiveness to advertise such spots across Jammu & Kashmir and around the globe.

The local atmosphere was put into a showcase as traditions; culture, heritage, and cuisine were all on display for the people to inculcate the local energy even more. This honest effort made by the district administration was commended by the participants and people involved in the entire festivity.