04 Aug 2022

Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Vizag

Rahul Singh

Yarada Beach

Emerald green waters and a verdant backdrop create an exceptionally romantic feel at this place. Enjoy abundant sunlight and cozy blue skies.

Rushikonda Beach

Scattered with boulders, splashing waves and golden sands it gives an alluring call to travelers who take pleasure in natural beachy vistas.

INS Submarine Museum

The once serving massive submarine now sits on the coast of Vizag. Converted into a museum, it hosts people who curiously want to take a tour inside or indulge in its history.


Surrounded by beautiful hedges and multi-colored flowers, the 40-feet tall statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati steal all the attention. Made of white marble, the sun glimmers and accentuates its charm further.

Simhachalam Temple

A coveted temple dedicated to Narasimha form of Lord Vishnu, it showcases magnificent architecture designs. Made of basalt and schist it reflects tones of earthy colors in natural light.

Borra Caves

One of the largest caves in India, it showcases some of the most wondrous caves made of limestone. Echoes of running streams and dripping water can be heard through the million-year-old caves.

Araku Valley

A blanket of green and decoration of gardens lie in the landscape of this valley where calming streams and meditational falls descend over. Vistas of unspeakable parallel can be seen here.


Six rock-cut caves depicting intricate statues of Lord Buddha sit among lush greenery and a serene environ. Situated at an elevation, beautiful views can be captured.

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