03 Aug 2022

Beautiful Cities of Rajasthan you must visit

Ananya Goyal


This city doused in pink shows off its spectacular structures preserving a glorious past. Greenery, clean roads, Royal forts, jems & stargazing in clear skies are visual treat here.


The presence of enormous palaces, historic forts and lovely lakes makes this city full of charming scenes. Calming aura can be felt sitting by the lakes observing a sunset.


The backdrop of forts and palaces and a cityscape filled with shades of blue, it is an alluring sight which leaves many people wanting to visit this city as fast as possible.


The city which permeates golden-yellow light, all forts palaces and town houses are built with yellow sandstone, hence, the yellow light imbues creating magnificent views to remember.


Spanning the lands is a massive fort encapsulated in verdant green. The beauty is enhanced by rains which grace this city during monsoons.


Religious filled, it has narrow streets filled with spirituality and scrumptious food. At night the city comes alive with small lights and smell of incense filling the air.

Mount Abu

The only hill station in the state, it has maintained religious monuments of Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. Amazing vistas can be captured from the elevation of the place.


Famous for its tiger reserve, it houses natural scenic pleasures of all kinds. Dense jungles, shallow waters and enchanting wildflowers it is a place to be visited for sure.


Situated in middle of drier terrain, it has everything from old architecture to delectable sweets. This city offers the best amalgamation of food and tourist spots.


Ancient architecture is strong in this city which is also infamous for its step wells or baolis. Panoramic views of hilly ranges can be seen shining under the sun.

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