17 Aug 2022

8 Best Islands You Must Visit In India

Ananya Goyal

Neil Island

Known for exquisite sceneries, its unrivalled biodiversity and an uncharted expanse of deep tropical woods with coral reefs speak the definition of splendour of this island.

Pamban Island

Located among emerald waters, this island is the epitome of cultural history. Foliage in shades of green cover the lands and compliments its sandy white beaches.

Havelock Island

Entrancing beaches, coral reefs, and an excellent scuba diving experience, this island will not let you miss out on a blissful event and will greet you with the most stunning sunsets.

Diu Island

With a mix of beauty and heritage, this island in India is all about the sun-kissed beaches, ancient colonial forts, and world-famous gorgeous cathedrals which all lay over a land of charm.

Munroe Island

With tree roots touching waters and a backdrop of verdant green and azure blues, it is an island known for its immense beauty. Backwaters grace the island and enhance the experience.

Divar Island

A vast span of blue to which you forget what are the skies or the waters to rich and lush greenery which swallows the island, it is the most naturally appealing image which looks like a still beautiful painting.

Majuli Island

The world’s largest river island does not disappoint as you see boats blissfully resting on crystalline waters. The abundant shades of green come to life as they float on water or hang around in the form of trees.

Kadmat Island

A shoreline which speaks of immaculate waters and sands to palms which sway to the fresh crisp air you can definitely get lost in the beauty of this place. Look out for the thriving marine life as well.

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