23 Sep 2022

Popular Places To Visit In North East India

Ananya Goyal


A place where clouds seem to be at your feet, vesting white landscapes of mighty peaks and monasteries which set the tranquil environ for you to enjoy.


Vast expanse of green with a backdrop of white, skies merged with snow-clad peaks. The beauty is endless and the air crisp and fresh.


The drizzling sky which puts a green smile here produces breathtaking sceneries to behold. The marriage of natural formations brings it all together.


Cities built on slanting scapes and skies that see no ends, clouds that create haze and heights which scare people; it’s an experience only for the brave.


Renowned for natural phenomenon of living root bridges, one of the wettest places on earth has a foliage appeal with multitude shades of green like no other place.


Waters that seem like a mirror and vibrant colors which envelope your senses, this place is raw beauty at the disposal of your imagination and more.


From treks which imprint once in a lifetime memories to waterfalls which flow smoothly, it is a place devoted to natural beauty and culture.

Exuding thick forests, a merge of blue and green with a hint of Buddhism in every corner, this spot is for you to experience a mind-blowing valley of cultures.

Kaziranga National Park

Preserving the coveted Indian one-horned rhinoceros, are meadows of green and yellow. Thick foliage and streams of water enhance the natural appeal.


Colorful pilgrim structures, an open sky and background of lines of peaks, it’s all feast for the eyes at a place where color plays with your heart and soul.

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