11 Oct 2022

Famous Things to do in Jaisalmer

Ananya Goyal

Desert Jeep Safari

A robust vehicle and shifting dunes provide for a limitless thrilling experience and lays proof to sightseeing of camels and traditions.

Quad Biking in Sam Sand Dunes

Gilt expansive lands full of sand is a true image of this city, and biking among the tall dunes is an adventure of a lifetime.

Camping in Sand Dunes

To lay amidst halcyon grains and watch the night sky above is a once in a while venture which camping in sand dunes truly is.

Jaisalmer Fort

Golden in hue and astounding in nature, this stone fort is a pleasant reminder of the city’s glorious past and heritage.

Dune Bashing on Thar Desert

Yet another experience to not miss on, swerve through sand of gilded colour as you bask the setting sun on the horizon of dunes.

Gadisar Lake

Crystalline and reflective, the clear water of this lake sits pleasantly among beautifully structured remnants of royalty. Enjoy boating ad surreal views.

Puppet Show at Desert Museum

History revives itself with traditions passed down from generations as vibrant hand-manoeuvred dolls are moved to present a show.

Parasailing in Desert

Flying above waves of sand and arid land, you will come out overenthusiastic with excitement and joy as you feel free and high watching the cityscapes.

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