28 Apr 2022

Adventure Sports Activities in Himachal Pradesh

Ananya Goyal


Soak in the enchanting views of famous valleys of Himachal as Bir-Billing, Solang & Pabbar with flying in air like a carefree bird.


Trekking amid snow-clad mountains, thick forests, rivulets, mountain passes, cold deserts like Spiti can be most fascinating adventure to face a bit of challenge.

Rock Climbing

Show your rocky muscles and stamina with climbing on hill peaks, rocks or cliffs. Pir Panjal & Manali are well known places for this.


Just opposite of rock climbing, Rappelling involves descending down from a mountain cliff with help of a rope & comparatively easy.


Slide like a zip between two mountains or rivers with hanging pulley and cable. The scenic view beneath you will win your pumping heart.


Want to have a beautiful morning with chirping of birds & sound of fast flowing rivers instead of horns of vehicles? Go for camping in Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahual.

Flying Fox

Spine chilling sport similar to ziplining. Slide down with facing beneath surroundings on unique aerial journey.

River Rafting

Rafting, rowing, canoeing on surfy white tides of rivers originating from glacial rivers of Himalayan mountains is fill of thrill. Try the river rafting at famous rivers as Satluj, Chenab, Beas & Ravi.


Experience the skiing on slopes of Himalayas as Pir Panjal & Shivalik in extreme winter. For Heli Skiing, one need to get well trained to ski on high altitude mountain slopes.

Mountain Biking

Give your feet a rapid movement with cycling or e-biking in Mountainous roads of Himachal. Young riders in group enjoy the challenging terrain a most.

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