15 Sep 2022

A beautiful Tour of Places in Punjab

Ananya Goyal


Holy and tranquil aura can be felt with chants of Guru-Vaani coming from revered Gurudwara of Golden Temple. The divinity laps people in.


City Beautiful as it called brings verdant limitless scapes and a lively city life. Blue waters grace Sukhna Lake and markets grace the streets


Different shades of green encompass this place sitting beneath mighty peaks. The highlight of this place is the Indian Armed Forces base.


A color blast its a shoppers paradise to explore all shops here. Gardens and stadiums bring out the natural green cover.


The soulful city of markets, gardens and cultures, it has the best apparel markets in India. Explore various textiles of this place.


Set beside dark blue waters is the city which dwells in art and embroidery. The markets display the same vivacious energy of colors.


Olden structures and rich green carpet enhances the overall appeal of this place. Lip-smacking delicacies make touring this city more fun.

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