09 Sep 2022

Famous places to visit in September in India

Rahul Singh

Daman & Diu

The monsoon winds of September tie in the swaying palms and rough waters together as the beaches receive glinting drops of rain. The historical buildings seem to come in life in the gray shade of skies.


Nurturing all around is a verdant carpet which looks best against light drizzling of the cloudy skies. The multicolored hill blooms with rich green splendor during this time and flowers can be seen spread across.


Having a pleasant weather, a stroll around in Buddhist monasteries brings people close to this place’s culture. The views enhance as you spy green and cloudy skies getting ready to pour.


With less rain and more salubrious weather, it is the perfect time that invites people to enjoy endless beauty of this place. Enchanting scenic beauty around and small shops of food complete an ideal day.

Wilson Hills

You may observe the fog here during the monsoon, and at that time you can take in the lush surroundings and comfortable temperature which makes for a nice time touring the hill station.


The area has good weather for travel, and September is a good month in the place. The location which is brimming with scenic splendor and natural treasures, seems even more spellbinding in September.

Valley of Flowers

The valley begins to take on new hues as it transforms into a dazzlingly colorful landscape. You may imagine verdant fields and gold-colored flowers in September spanning the whole magical spot.


Festivals arrive in September brining locals and tourists together. The valley blossoms more with spectacular scenes of natural bliss which gets more beautiful with sprinkling.


Even though water is all you experience and see, the beaches fill with oozing beauty and charm as drops of rain cover greens and soak the white pristine sands. Local flowers bloom blissfully to the nature’s true turn.


Multiple attractions wait in awe as you traverse through in an amusing climate which encompasses the city in September. Light rain and beautiful shades of the setting sun can be spotted among the skies.

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