16 Apr 2022

Less Explored places of Rishikesh for an unforgettable experience

Ananya Goyal

Rafting at Brahmapuri

For endeavouring rafting experience, no other place is better than here. Enjoy camping, rafting near the Brahmapuri river with professional assistance.

Neer Gaddu Waterfall

A true hidden gem for nature photography lover is surrounded by greenery abundance & pristine water, easily accessed from Rishikesh market.

Bunjee jumping at Mohan Chatti village

Most famous among adventure freaks for flying fox, giant swings, bungee jumping from India’s highest point.

Ram Jhula

Less famous but another architectural wonder, Ram Jhula is suspension bridge of 450 metres stretch connecting Swarg and Shivananda Ashrams.

Rajaij National Park

Explore the rich flora and fauna with a jeep safari in bio diversified park nestled between Shivalik ranges and Indo-Gangetic plains.

Vashisht Gufa

A well maintained cave is ideal for peace seekers and meditators. Meditate in front of Shivlinga at the end of cave.

Rishikund at Triveni Ghat

A natural hot spring in vicinity of Triveni Ghat looks mesmerizing with reflection of Raghunath Temple in its clear water.

Beatles Ashram

Once the stay place of beatles who had written dozens of hit songs is situated on a cliff of Swarashram area is visited by tourists for peaceful ambience.

Terah Manzil Temple

Located near Laxman Jhula, this thirteen floors temple enlighten you with multiple deities at one place boasting architectural symmetry, sanctified atmosphere.

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